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Save an extra 20% on discounted gaming Accessories at Amazon Warehouse

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We cover a lot of Amazon's deals here on Jelly Deals, and it's always good when we see a new product get its price discounted, especially the big discounts seen during Amazon Prime Day and Early Access.

However, there are lots of deals out there that don't involve a product's price dropping by a certain percent, as you can save money buying those same products from Amazon Warehouse for a much smaller price.

Right now you can save even more money on gaming accessories through Amazon warehouse as they're offering an extra 20 per cent off selected products. For example, you can get the Razer Viper gaming mouse for just £31.31, nearly £50 cheaper than it's full price:

Razer Viper Light Esports Gaming Mouse- £31.31 at Amazon Warehouse

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Amazon Warehouse lets you purchase your same favourite products for as much as half price off, the catch is that they're not strictly "new" but have been sent back to Amazon(a lot of the time unopened), then checked over before being listed on the Warehouse. Buying items this way gets you an item that is no different from buying it new, but for a lot less.

There are some other good deals to be found on gaming accessories on Amazon Warehouse with the extra 20 per cent, particularly on gaming keyboards. There is a Razer Huntsman tournament edition keyboard, in a US layout with linear switches, that you can grab for £71.42, that's £45.95 cheaper than buying it new:

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition (US Layout)- £71.42 at Amazon Warehouse

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If you're after a gaming headset upgrade, then there's a Corsair Void Elite gaming headset available for £43.49. The same headset new is currently £60 on Amazon, so you're saving over £15:

Corsair Void Elite gaming headset- £43.49 at Amazon Warehouse

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You have to act fairly quickly on these, as there are only one or two of each item available in the warehouse, so when the deal is gone - it's gone until someone returns another of the same product.

There are plenty of other deals on keyboards, headsets, mice, and other gaming accessories available at Amazon Warehouse that benefit from the extra 20 per cent discounts, you can see them all here. If you want to stay up-to-date on Amazon deals for new products and from their warehouse, follow the Jelly Deals Twitter page so you don't miss out in the future.

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