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Pokémon dev's Nintendo 3DS cult classic coming to Apple Arcade

Maneline entry.

With the imminent closedown of the 3DS eShop - which is coming at the end of March this year, with its Wii U sibling being taken down with it - it seems some thoroughbreds are bolting the stables and heading for pastures new, with Game Freak's Pocket Card Jockey coming to iOS later this month.

Pocket Card Jockey first launched on 3DS back in 2013, and is one of Game Freak's more successful non-Pokémon games. An intriguing mash-up of horse racing and solitaire, it's gone on to earn cult status (though I recall Eurogamer's former in-house solitaire expert Oli Welsh being charmed but not wowed by this take on the form).

The original Pocket Card Jockey has firmly earned cult classic status since its original release in 2013.Watch on YouTube

Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! - spotted by our friends at VGC - is a buffed-up re-release for Apple Arcade, with new 3D visuals for racing sections, and it's due out 20th January. It's got me wondering what other 3DS gems are ripe for being rescued by new ports - is it too much to hope for a re-release of Attack of the Friday Monsters?

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