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Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event, challenges and rewards list

The Spellbound event is primed to enchant you with new rewards

Apex Legends, Spellbound Collection Event official Respawn title artwork.
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

The Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event has arrived! This limited-time event promises to bewitch you with a plethora of new rewards and goodies to get your hands on. These include new Legend Skins, Weapon Skins, and even a chance at owning a Mythic-Tier Seer Heirloom bundle.

This event has also brought back a much-loved mode to Apex Legends, the 9 vs 9 Control Mode. There's plenty for you to sink your teeth into over the coming weeks but it can be tricky to keep track of everything on offer. Here, we've listed all of the challenges and rewards, as well as the end date of the Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event.

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Apex Legends Spellbound Event items list

There are 24 Spellbound Event items for you to collect.

You can either be rewarded these items from a Spellbound Collection pack, or you can choose to purchase them by using Apex Coins and Crafting Metals.

Apex Legends official Respawn image of Spellbound Event Seer
Credit: Respawn Entertainment - There's plenty for Seer fans to be excited about during this event. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

The two reward tiers across the 24 different items are Legendary and Epic, we've noted down the costs for each tier below:

  • Epic - Any Epic rewards will cost 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals.
  • Legendary - Any Legendary rewards will cost 1,800 Coins or 2,400 Crafting Metals.

Legend Skins

Skin Name How It Looks Legend Tier
Masquerade Marauder
Apex Legends Masquerade Marauder skin for Ash
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Ash Epic
Sky Drifter
Apex Legends Sky Drifter skin for Valkyrie
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Valkyrie Epic
Apex Legends Necro-Smasher skin for Maggie
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Mad Maggie Legendary
Down Umber
Apex Legends Down Umber skin for Fuse
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Fuse Legendary
Celestial Sage
Apex Legends Celestial Sage skin for Seer
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Seer Legendary
Cryptic Conjurer
Apex Legends Cryptic Conjurer skin for Crypto
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Crypto Legendary
Mischief Mage
Apex Legends, Mischief Mage skin for Mirage
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Mirage Legendary
Apex Legends Enchantress Skin for Vantage
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Vantage Legendary
Phoenix Rising
Apex Legends Phoenix Rising skin for Horizon
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Horizon Legendary

Weapon Skins

Skin Name How It Looks Weapon Tier
Ornate Oath
Apex Legends Ornate Oath Devotion Skin
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Devotion Epic
Emerald Eradicator
Apex Legends Emerald Eradicator Rampage Skin
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Rampage Epic
Ghostly Premonition
Apex Legends Ghostly Premonition Sentinel Skin
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Sentinel Epic
Sunken Treasure
Apex Legends Sunken Treasure Skin
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
RE-45 Epic
Apex Legends Slipstream Alternator Skin
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Alternator Legendary
Arcane Intervention
Apex Legends Arcane Intervention Spitfire Skin
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Spitfire Legendary
Blood Oath
Apex Legends Blood Oath G7 Scout Skin
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
G7 Scout Legendary
Runic Ritual
Apex Legends Runic Ritual Longbow Skin
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Longbow Legendary
Molten Mayhem
Apex Legends Molten Mayhem Flatline Skin
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment
Flatline Legendary

Other Rewards

Reward Name Reward Type Legend Tier
Brain and Brawn Emote Crypto Epic
Electric Boogie Emote Wattson Epic
Toying With The Enemy Emote Loba Epic
Spread Your Wings Skydive Emote Fuse Epic

How to get the Seer Heirloom Set in the Spellbound Event in Apex Legends

To get the Seer Heirloom Set in Apex Legends, you need to get your hands on all 24 Spellbound Collection event items before the event finishes.

Apex Legends official Respawn image of Spellbound Event Seer Heirloom
Credit: Respawn Entertainment - Seer's brand new Heirloom will make you the star of the Apex Games. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Once you have collected all 24 items, you will be rewarded with the Seer Heirloom set that includes:

  • Showstoppers - Mythic Seer Melee Weapon Skin.
  • Grand Finale - Mythic Seer Pose.
  • 'My Heart Beats Stronger' - Mythic Seer Intro Quip.

Apex Legends Spellbound Event points, challenges, and Rewards

Throughout the Spellbound Collection Event in Apex Legends, you can collect points by completing event-specific challenges each day. You can earn up to 1,600 points each day and the rewards refresh daily too, so if you run out of challenges to complete more will soon be on the way.

Apex Legends official Respawn image of Spellbound Event Maggie
Credit: Respawn Entertainment - Mad Maggie is ready for anything with her Necro-Smasher skin. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

These points then go towards unlocking the different rewards located in the event point tracker.

You can play any mode to participate in the Spellbound Collection Event (unless a challenge specifies a mode), this includes the Control Mode that is back for the duration of the event.

How to find the Spellbound Collection Event Point Tracker

To find the point tracker for this event, you need to be on the main screen of Apex Legends. Then, head over to the right side of your screen where your weekly and daily challenge tracker is.

During the event, there will be an extra page here for the Spellbound challenges for that day. This is also where you can see which challenges you need to complete to earn points and how close you are to completing them. Click on the banner at the top of this section that says 'Spellbound'.

Apex Legends Spellbound Event reward Tracker

Doing this will bring up the points and progress tracker for the event. You can use this tracker to look at the rewards you can get from collecting points, and you can see how many more you need to collect to get your next reward.

All of the Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event challenge rewards

Reward Legend/Weapon Tier Point Requirement
Spellbound - Banner Badge All Legends Epic 250
Spellbound - Music Pack All Legends Epic 250
Apex Kills - Stat Tracker Lifeline Rare 500
Apex Kills - Stat Tracker Gibraltar Rare 750
Apex Pack N/A Rare 1,000
Apex Wins - Stat Tracker Lifeline Rare 1,250
Runic Reference - Weapon Charm All Weapons Epic 1,500
Apex Damage - Stat Tracker Lifeline Rare 2,000
Apex Wins - Stat Tracker Gibraltar Rare 2,500
Alchemist - Legend Skin Lifeline Epic 3,000
Soul Ripper - Weapon Skin Eva-8 Legendary 3,500
Apex Damage - Stat Tracker Gibraltar Rare 4,000
Arcane Geometry - Weapon Skin Prowler Legendary 5,000

Apex Legends Spellbound Event store

There's a special Spellbound Collection Event section in the Apex Legends store for the duration of the event too.

Apex Legends official Respawn image of Spellbound Event Fuse
Credit: Respawn Entertainment - Fuse fans can grab a brand new skin for the Bombastic Explosives Expert. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Some items and bundles in the store are available until the event ends, but some are only there for a limited time. We've listed all of the current items available in the Spellbound Event store and when they will leave the store below:

Item/Bundle Name Contents Price End Date
Cryptic Conjurer Bundle Cryptic Conjurer - Legendary Crypto Skin x7 Spellbound Collection Packs 5,000 Apex Coins (was 6,700) 24/01/2023
Mischief Mage Bundle Mischief Mage - Legendary Mirage Skin x3 Spellbound Collection Packs 2,500 Apex Coins (was 3,900) 24/01/2023
Deputy of Death Bundle Deputy of Death - Legendary Caustic Skin Lawbringer - Legendary Wingman Skin 2,150 Apex Coins 20/01/2023
Voices from the Past Legendary Wraith Skin 1,250 Apex Coins (was 1,800) 20/01/2023
Peak Performance Bundle Master Blaster - Legendary Mastiff Skin Peak Performance - Legendary Octane Skin 2,500 Apex Coins 20/01/2023
Hack and Slash Epic Crypto Skydive Emote 1,000 Apex Coins 20/01/2023
Snake Charmer Unlock Bundle Snake Charmer - Epic Mirage Skin Unlocks Mirage 500 Apex Coins 20/01/2023

9 vs 9 Control Mode in Apex Legends explained

For a limited run that begins and ends at the same time as the Spellbound Collection event, the popular 9 vs 9 Control Mode is back on the menu in Apex Legends.

Control Mode is where two teams of nine Legends battle it out to control the most zones for the longest period of time until one side emerges victorious.

This mode works differently from any other one too, as you have unlimited respawns and you can change your Legend or weapon loadout before you jump back into the match. There are five loadout presets you can choose from, you can't change the guns but you can change their Optics.

Also, your shield recharges over time as long as you're not being hit.

Apex Legends Control Mode, official Respawn artwork of two sides facing each other.
Credit: Respawn Entertainment | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

When you respawn you can choose to spawn on your team's dropship or you can drop into a zone that your team already controls. This is indicated by the letter, such as 'B' being your team's colour. If another team is starting to capture the zone, it will begin to turn into their colour.

When you are on the respawn screen, you'll notice a small tracker at the top of the screen. This shows you how close your team is to winning vs how close the enemy team is to winning. If your team's bar is further along, and has more points, than the enemy team then you know you have a chance at winning.

Apex Legends Spellbound Collection event end time and date

The Spellbound Collection Event in Apex Legends ends on Tuesday, 24th January.

This means that you have until the daily update time on this date to collect any and all items that you want from the event. After the update happens on this day, all of the rewards and Control Mode will be removed.

If you want to know which Legend is the best choice for this season, take a look at our Apex Legends Tier List where we go into detail about who is the best choice and why. Also, if you want to have more control over who you play with, check out our guide on how to make a Private Match in Apex Legends.