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Coral Island's Spring Update to include bathing suits and a tree planting festival

Got wood.

A new dev update for farming sim Coral Island details its Spring Update, due in March 2023.

New features include bathing suits, the tree planting festival, a new mining area, and - of course - the addition of beards to the character creator.

Coral Island was released in Early Access last October following a very successful Kickstarter - this update is the first round of new content since then.

Coral Island - Early Access Launch Trailer | 4KWatch on YouTube

NPCs will change into bathing suits at certain times of day, so new schedules have been added in - whether that's downtime at the beach or a bath at the hot spring. Considering the reaction from players to how attractive the cast are, I'm sure this particular update will be popular.

The Tree Planting Festival is set to occur every Spring 21 and will take place in the forest behind the player's farm.

The forthcoming update will also unlock the wind gate to provide a new mining area containing more gems and gold ores. In addition, new monsters will be added to the mines, including a cute little slime thing and a rock creature with a bone moustache.

Lastly, facial hair options will be added to character customisation for those seeking a scruffier look or a smart curly moustache.

When the game released, a roadmap was revealed that includes the above features.

Yet to come are the Pet Festival, Merfolk Kingdom access, and more later in the year.