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This mysterious Elder Scrolls Online letter has fans speculating about upcoming content

"Many paths lead forward, but only one ends with the survival of Nirn."

Bethesda has sent out a mysterious letter that hints at what's next for its MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

The letter - which has been sent out to media and ESO streamers - is signed by Leramil the Wise and addresses the recipient as "proxy". And whilst there's nothing on the letter or envelope that identifies the game or developer by name, fans have been quick to put the pieces together.

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"Proxy," the letter begins. "The tide of fate swirls around you with glorious fury and has chosen you to serve as its surrogate in a crisis most perilous. The future of at least two worlds hands in the balance. Your talent for changing destiny has been noticed, hence the reason for this letter.

"Many paths lead forward, but only one ends with the survival of Nirn. At this particular moment, in this specific instance, you must be the thread that keeps reality itself from unravelling.

The mysterious letter, signed by Leramil the Wise
The mysterious letter, signed by Leramil the Wise. (Credit: author's own) | Image credit: Vikki Blake / Author's own

"I shall summon you as soon as the inescapable fortunes of consequence show me where we are needed most."

The letter has ignited the official forum and the wider ESO community and led to the discovery that, whilst viewed with UV blacklight, the letter shows the sigil of Hermaeus Mora. As one happy poster explains, Mora is "one of the more interesting Daedric princes!".

For now, though, speculation is all we have. We'll let you know if and when this changes, though.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Firesong DLC is out now on PC and console. This new story DLC allows players to explore the "untamed island of Galen, the westernmost island of the Systres Archipelago" where players can "dive deep into the lives and culture of the druids, and fight to defend Tamriel from the threats within".

Following Google's recent suspension of its Stadia cloud gaming service, Bethesda has confirmed all Elder Scrolls Online players using the platform can transfer their accounts and progress to PC.