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Stadia's Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to transfer their saves to PC

Following cloud gaming service's collapse.

Following last week's news that Google is pulling the plug on its Stadia cloud gaming service early next year, Bethesda has confirmed all Elder Scrolls Online players using the platform will be able to transfer their accounts to PC.

"Since the news of Stadia shutting down," the company wrote in a statement shared on Twitter, "Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online Studios have been discussing the next steps for our Elder Scrolls Online Stadia players and we appreciate your patience".

"We are happy to share that our Stadia players will be able to transfer their ESO accounts to PC," it continued, "bringing with them all of their progress, including but not limited to existing characters, purchased items, achievements, and inventory. Since Stadia players already play ESO on our PC servers, all of their friends and guilds will be waiting for them once they complete the transfer." Bethesda says it'll be sharing details on how to make the transfer soon.

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Today's news follows similar moves by other publishers, with Ubisoft last week saying it was working to let players bring their Stadia game purchases over to PC via Ubisoft Connect.

Additionally, developer IO Interactive has confirmed it's currently "looking into ways for [players] to continue [their] Hitman experience on other platforms", while Bungie has said it's "begun conversations about next steps" for Destiny 2 players on Stadia. One notable company yet to comment following the news of Stadia's 18th January shutdown is Rockstar - much to the frustration of a Red Dead Online player that's managed to clock 6,000 hours on Stadia.

Questions have also been raised about the future of the cloud gaming service's handful of remaining exclusives. So far, developer Tequila Works has confirmed its horror action-adventure Gylt will be going multiplatform next year, while Splash Damage has said it will "need to take a couple of days to evaluate the options" for its colourful multiplayer combat game Outcasters.

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