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Tequila Works confirms Stadia-exclusive Gylt is going multiplatform next year

Following news of service shutdown.

Tequila Works, the developer behind the likes of the sublime Rime and intriguing VR murder-mystery The Invisible Hours, has confirmed its formerly Stadia-exclusive action-adventure Gylt will be going multiplatform next year.

Gylt, an enjoyably surreal horror yarn that follows the adventures of a young girl in search of her missing cousin, launched exclusively on Stadia back in 2019. And while Tequila Works did at one point suggest a multiplatform release might eventually be on the cards, it's remained resolutely Stadia-bound in the years since.

However, following last week's announcement that Google will be shutting down Stadia on 18th January next year - a move that prompted questions as to what might happen to the cloud gaming service's handful of remaining exclusives - Tequila Works has confirmed Gylt will finally be getting a multiplatform release some time in 2023.

Gylt - Announcement trailer.

"Spooky season is around the corner...And we bring terrific news!," the developer wrote in a brief post on its website. "We've been working on it for a long time and it's finally time to make it official: GYLT is going multiplatform in 2023!". There's currently no indication of what those platforms might be, but expect further updates in due course.

As for those other remaining Stadia exclusives now looking for a new home, the only additional news so far comes from developer Splash Damage, who said it would "need to take a couple of days to evaluate the options" for its colourful multiplayer combat game Outcasters following Google's closure announcement.

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