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The games at risk now Stadia is shutting down

Unless devs can port elsewhere.

With the news of Google shutting down Stadia comes a major question: what games might we lose?

There weren't many exclusive games available on the streaming service, but with game preservation continuing to be a hot topic, there are a number of games at risk unless they're ported to other platforms.

Yesterday Google announced the end of Stadia, its cloud-based streaming service. Despite ambitions of creating exclusive games, in 2021 its internal studios were closed leaving third-party developers to provide the games.

Cover image for YouTube videoEurogamer Newscast: Was Google Stadia always destined for failure?
Eurogamer Newscast: Was Google Stadia always destined for failure?

Here are the games now at risk as Stadia shuts down.

PixelJunk Raiders

This is an addition to the renowned PixelJunk series released exclusively for Stadia and makes use of a feature to jump into the game via the screenshots of other players. We described it as "a colourful roguelike that falls disappointingly flat" in our PixelJunk Raiders review.

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PixelJunk Raiders - Official Announcement Trailer | Stadia

Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle

There are plenty of other versions of Pac-Man around, but this Stadia game was a battle royale take on the classic for up to 64 players, with maze invasions and fun power ups. It followed Super Bomberman R as another battle royale exclusive that was later ported to PC and consoles.

Cover image for YouTube video
PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle - Official Announcement Trailer

Hello Engineer

Like PixelJunk Raiders, Hello Engineer is a new spin on an existing universe - that of stealth game Hello Neighbor. Here, instead, players construct their own racing machines. The game was used to test time-limited demos.

Cover image for YouTube videoHello Engineer - Out Now on Stadia | #Stadia
Hello Engineer - Out Now on Stadia


A top-down party battle game from Splash Damage, Outcasters never quite made it as the next Fall Guys. It was meant to be accessible and quickfire, but struggled to find a wide enough audience.

Cover image for YouTube video
Outcasters Announce Trailer | Only on Stadia


From Tequila Works, the studio behind The Sexy Brutale, GYLT is a third-person horror shooter featuring a young girl and some intriguingly creative combat. We described it as a "genuinely unsettling lite horror" in our GYLT review.

Cover image for YouTube videoGYLT - Official Launch Trailer - Stadia
GYLT - Official Launch Trailer - Stadia

Earlier today, we reported on Cyberpunk 2077 fans who are trying to get their cloud saves transferred for use elsewhere. Others are now asking for the Stadia controller to be updated for wider use.

Stadia developers still working on projects have also been expressing their shock at the news - which they were not told about ahead of time.