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Stadia-exclusive Gylt hits consoles and PC in July


Image credit: Tequila Works

Stadia-exclusive Gylt launches on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One on 6th July.

In October - when Google confirmed plans to shutter its cloud gaming service Stadia - developer Tequila Works announced its Stadia-exclusive horror game would go multiplatform, as other Stadia-exclusive games have done this year.

Here's the Gylt multiplatform announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

"While playing it safe and a tad predictable, Tequila Works carefully layers on new gimmicks and mechanics as you progress through Gylt, allowing you to organically build on your knowledge and start experimenting," Vikki wrote in Eurogamer's Gylt review.

"It's these flashes of inspiration that can make Gylt's gentle puzzling such a joy, so it's frustrating we don't see more of them. And while there's not much here for the hardcore horror fan, don't be deceived into thinking the eerie, tense Gylt is just for kids: it's really not. It is, however, a little expensive for such a brief, if atmospheric, experience."

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