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Stadia testing time-limited demos

Hello, engineer.

Google Stadia has begun rolling out a much-requested feature: time-limited demos of existing games.

Stadia, of course, requires you to purchase games individually or play the selection of titles included in its Stadia Pro subscription.

This has, until now, meant Stadia hasn't offered one of the key benefits of being a streaming service - the ability to hop in and quickly try snippets of any game in the catalogue to get a feel for what you may like.

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That all changes today, with the addition of a new Free Trials section and a 30-minute access window for Hello Engineer, a multiplayer construction game. It usually costs $20, or comes as part of Stadia Pro.

Speaking to The Verge, Google said time-limited versions of full games are an experiment that will be run over the coming months for multiple games, with different windows of access (so it may not always be just 30 minutes).

Does this convince you to give streaming via Stadia a go?