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Stadia owners want Google to make controller usable elsewhere

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi update would increase compatibility.

Following the sudden announcement of Stadia's shutdown yesterday, players are hoping for one last update to the controller's firmware.

Currently, the Stadia controller can only be used through Stadia, which itself is only compatible with a limited number of devices.

In the Stadia announcement FAQ, it is stated that "most hardware purchases... made directly from Google will not need to be returned", including Stadia controllers.

Cover image for YouTube videoEurogamer Newscast: Was Google Stadia always destined for failure?
Eurogamer Newscast: Was Google Stadia always destined for failure?

Rather than being left with electronic waste, players are asking Google to update the controller so it can still be used once the service is discontinued.

The controller already contains Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, but can't be connected to other consoles or PCs. Many have taken to the Stadia subreddit to voice their desire to use the controller after Stadia's shut down, particularly on PC.

Some have asked for Google to update the firmware itself, whilst others have simply asked for the firmware to be made open-source so members of the Stadia community can create an application themselves.

One reddit user claimed they spoke to Stadia customer support regarding Bluetooth access for controllers, who said there was no "information or roadmap" on whether Bluetooth would be unlocked.