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Red Dead Online player with 6000 hours on the clock highlights community he'll lose when Stadia shuts down

Asks Rockstar for save transfer.

YouTuber Colour has spoken about the effect Stadia's death will have on many of the people he met while playing almost 6000 hours of Red Dead Online.

He also voiced his frustrations towards Rockstar, which is currently keeping quiet about whether character transfers will be available for the game.

Last week, Colour shared a screenshot of his playtime in Red Dead Redemption 2 on Stadia on Twitter. In a follow-up tweet he tagged Rockstar, asking for a character transfer.

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Eurogamer Newscast: Was Google Stadia always destined for failure?

At the time of the screenshot, Colour had just over 5900 hours on Red Dead Redemption 2. Most of those hours were spent playing Red Dead Online, and Colour later uploaded a video to YouTube to respond to the question many people were asking - why?

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In his video, Colour explained how he managed to accumulate nearly 6000 hours in Red Dead Online. "The reason why I stayed is because of the social aspect and the community aspect of Red Dead Online," he stated, and added that many in the Red Dead Online community on Stadia will be hugely affected by the service's shut down.

"For most of them, Stadia was their only affordable option or only option to play Red Dead Online," he explained. Many people he played with don't own consoles or PCs. Playing on Stadia was much more accessible and affordable for them, as the only purchase required was the game. "Stadia doesn't have any kind of upfront investment to it," he continued, "it was literally a free platform".

Stadia's shut down means plenty of people who use Stadia as their main way of playing games will lose their access to gaming, and will now have to invest in a console or PC and other subscriptions to play online.

Colour has asked Rockstar about the possibility of character transfers to other platforms so he can keep the progression he's made so far on Stadia, but is yet to receive a definitive response.

Rockstar has not joined the list of developers, including Bungie and Ubisoft, that have stated their commitment to transferring progress across to other platforms.