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This entry-level 120Hz Lenovo gaming monitor is down to £104

Almost unbeatable at this price point.

It's become the case recently that you can get some solid gaming monitors for a lot less, and a real case in point is this 24-inch 1080p choice from Lenovo, which you can nab from Amazon for £104 - a 35 percent reduction on the monitor's usual £160 list price.

This spec is a perfect choice for a first gaming monitor, as it offers the most common resolution for PC gaming - 1080p - in a comfortable 24-in form factor with a fast 120Hz refresh rate, ideal for fast-paced games but a benefit for even desktop use. There's also support for AMD FreeSync, a VRR standard available to both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards that helps prevent judder and screen tearing to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

This monitor is based around a VA panel, which offers better contrast than your average IPS or TN panel monitor, with good colours and viewing angles - but response times can be faster on other monitor types. With a rated 4ms GtG response time on the fastest overdrive setting, you may see some overshoot in fast motion, but this is still significantly better than any 60Hz monitor or non-TN monitors from a few years ago - and for £100, it's about the best you can expect.

A quoted brightness figure of 300 nits is reasonable at this price point, while the 3000:1 contrast ratio should ensure deep blacks - a great thing to have for watching videos or playing games set at night. Lenovo's quoted colour space coverage of 95 percent sRGB means that it should be decent - if not perfect - for quick content creation workloads, although an IPS panel with 99 percent or better sRGB coverage would be a better choice for image or video editing.

As for styling, the G24e-20 isn't exactly the flashiest looking monitor, but its all black frame should fit well into virtually any setup. The fact it also features some rather thin bezels around the top and sides also helps this Lenovo panel to look pretty modern too, and the stand has some good adjustability, being a tilt stand, too.

For just over £100, this Lenovo monitor is a great affordable gaming monitor, and well worth considering if you're in the market for one!

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