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All Destiny 2 Security Drone locations

50 Security Drones stand between you and your new best friend. Here's how to find and eliminate them.

Security Drones in Destiny 2 are special targets that you must hunt in order to complete the quest Good Boy Protocol.

These floating yellow orbs debuted in the Season of the Seraph, and act as the lock that keeps a special door in the mission Operation: Seraph’s Shield locked. They can only be destroyed using the Exotic pulse rifle Revision Zero, which is awarded the first time you complete that mission.

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Destiny 2 Europa Security Drone locations

Europa is one of the moons of Jupiter, and serves as the icy home to 10 of the Security Drones:

  • Load into Europa at the Beyond fast travel point. Turn around, and look to the top of the Ziggurat for the first Drone.
  • Travel to the Asterion Abyss. Look at the massive wall of ice to the west, and follow it until in intersects some Vex structure. The Drone is in the upper left where they meet.
  • Continue north, facing a distant (but unreachable) city. Past a large cubic structured buried in the ice, and next to a rock, is a big crack in the ground. The Drone is inside.
  • Enter the Concealed Void Lost Sector of Asterion Abyss. Fight past the first sealed door into a large room above a pool of Vex milk. Keep left, and look towards an opening in one wall of the platform. The Drone is in this space.
  • Look north of the Eventide Ruins fast travel point to see the red glow of a bombed out building. Go straight in and find the hatch that opens during the Deep Stone Crypt raid. The Drone is just to the left.
  • Go to the building that houses the entrance to the Bunker E14 lost sector. Jump to the top of the building’s interior, and look to the southeast corner.
  • Enter Bunker E15 and fight your way to the large central room directly before the boss fight. Enter the covered area at the northeast of this space, and follow the hall to a small room. The Drone will be sitting right inside.
  • Travel to Cadmius Ridge from the Charon’s Crossing fast travel point. When you arrive, a large Vex structure will tower over the ridges of ice. Follow the contour of the structure to the right, and the Drone will be visible nestled within the ice formation directly in front.
  • On the western edge of Cadmius Ridge is the entrance to Bray Exoscience. Look to the left of the door, in the hollowed out space.
  • Enter the Perdition Lost sector, and fight your way to the boss. Once the enemies are cleared out, the Drone will be near the Lost Sector chest.

Destiny 2 Heist Battleground: Europa Security Drone locations

There are six Security Drones that are only acessible while doing Heist Battleground: Europa:

  • Once you spawn in, look to the metal platform dead ahead (the one with enemies on it). The security drone is just on the other side, at the base of the platform itself.
  • Once you reach the building interior of Bray Exoscience (a very large open room), look up and to the left. The drone is peeking out near a glass structure.
  • Once the central room is clear you will be directed through a pair of corridors. The second has a distinct yellow floor. At the end of this, before you follow the directed path left, the drone will be on the right near some square containers.
  • The next room with enemies has an upper and lower level. Keep left on the lower level and you will see the drone behind some glass.
  • Keep moving forward until you reach an exceptionally large and long room. Normally you descend to the lower levels via a hole in the floor of a walkway, but don’t enter it right away. Instead look forward and left, near the ceiling of the lower level. It’s subtle but you should see the next security drone here.
  • Once you reach the room with the giant disembodied exo head, the last Drone is in the back right corner of this space.

Destiny 2 Moon Security Drone locations

The 10 Security Drones on the Moon are accessible via the overworld, or in select lost sectors:

  • Travel to Archer’s Line, and immediately jump up to the large track running to the main structure of the area. This Drone is straight ahead, where the track meets the building.
  • Enter the K-1 Logistics Lost Sector and fight your way to open space that serves as the boss arena. As you enter this area, look towards the far right corner to fight the Drone.
  • In the northwest corner of Anchor of Light is a tall, radio tower like structure. You will see our target near the top, at the bottom of the truss spire.
  • The southeast portion of Anchor of Light houses a massive Fallen ship. The next Drone is right at the base of this ship, near some blue lights.
  • Travel from Anchor of Light to the Hellmouth. As soon as you reach the end of the narrow passages and the area opens up look to the right, directly against the hive structure to find the Drone.
  • At the west most edge of Hellmouth is a series of structures resembling a small town. Near the center is a small truss tower. The Drone is sitting right atop it.
  • Enter the K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector. The Drone is about halfway through the Lost Sector, on the right side of the chasm near a building.
  • Fast travel to Sorrow’s Harbor, and go to the east edge of the area to the right of the Scarlet Keep. The Security Drone is in plain sight, near a Hive totem.
  • The next drone is inside the Scarlet Keep itself. Walk up the long entryway, and keep aiming straight ahead. The Drone is at the rear of this first area, slightly elevated.
  • Enter the K1 Revelations Lost Sector, and work your way to an early section where you need to platform across a chasm. Don’t cross right away, instead look for some hanging netting, with the Drone barely obscured right behind it.

Destiny 2 Heist Battleground: Moon Security Drone locations

There are six Security Drones that require participation on Heist Battleground: Moon:

  • As soon as you spawn in, move forward, and look for a small yellow building to the right. The Drone sits to the left of this.
  • As soon as you clear the first section of the Battleground you will enter the bunker via a large slide. Once you reach the bottom, look back up, and locate the Drone part way up near the wall.
  • Continue forward past the chamber with the monitor covered chandelier, into a wide room. You will be guided left, but first go to the right. The Drone is in plain, in the rear left corner of this section.
  • After you fight through two small rooms sealed by a hive wizard you will enter a larger space. Turn right immediately down the staircase to see the next Drone.
  • As soon as you enter the next large room, look up in the air. The Drone will be floating, ready to be destroyed.
  • Eventually you will come to the room with the massive sealed door. As soon as you reach this area look down the corridor to the right. The Drone will be floating near the left side wall.

Destiny 2 Heist Battleground: Mars Security Drone locations

The only six Security Drones on Mars will located in Heist Battleground: Mars:

  • As soon as you load in, head to the far left section, where a road leads away from this part of Mars. Turn back towards the center of the area, and the Drone will be right next to the end of a walkway.
  • Now, head to the eastern-most section of the map. The Drone is right on the edge, behind some boxes and near a Hive totem.
  • Once you complete the initial three objectives, you can enter the main building. As soon as you do so, look up to find the Drone near the ceiling.
  • Continue through the Battleground until you reach an exterior section with some jumping and climbing. Follow the path until you reach a large platform covered in enemies. At the far end of the platform is a small staircase. The Drone is at the base of the stairs.
  • Proceed forward to the back half of the platform, near the winding path that leads to the top. There will be a Drone on the ceiling, near some pipes.
  • Keep moving up the structure until you reach the top. Approach the large door, but don’t enter. Instead, turn around and look at the top of the building to your left. The Drone will be semi-visible near a small balcony.

Destiny 2 Operations: Seraph's Shield Security Drone locations

There are 12 total Security Drones within the Operation Seraph's Shield mission. You will need to play through this mission at least three times. First, to get the Revision Zero pulse rifle. Then again to eliminate all of the Drones, and one last time to finish Good Boy Protocol.

Before attempting to hunt down these Security Drones make sure you have the Security Clearance Infiltrator and Tactical Armour upgrades from the Exo Frame at the H.E.L.M. This allows you to interact with special terminals that lock access to Drones, and survive contact with the many laser traps scattered around.

Many of the Drones are hidden behind special terminals. When you interact with one of these terminals you will be shown a symbol. That exact symbol will be displayed somewhere in that room. Shoot it, and another symbol will be shown. Shoot all three to unlock the Drone. There is a time limit, which will reset that puzzle if it runs out.

  • Once the mission begins you will need to work your way forward past some security towers. Eventually you will reach a platform guarded by an ogre. The first Drone is in a room under the platform, accessible from a small door mid way up the right side. Use the terminal, find the symbols, and shoot the Drone.
  • Early in the mission you will enter a room with a Scanner augment(the second time you see one), with a hidden vent on one side of the room. Travel through these vents until you reach a small room with a doorway protected by laser traps. The Drone is directly above this doorway once you walk through it.
  • The third Drone is in the next scanner section. As soon as you enter the room there will be a doorway to the right with another terminal puzzle. Complete it to open the door and reach the Drone.
  • The next Drone is found in another room with a Scanner augment, right before the room with the trapped floors. The Drone is inside one of the upper walkways on the perimeter of this upper room. You will need to jump up and enter a small opening to be able to shoot the Drone.
  • You will encounter your first Operator augment in a small room. Don’t advance past the room right away, however. One of the walls has a scannable terminal. Shoot the symbols in order just like before to reach the Drone behind the door.
  • The next Drone is behind a nearby room with a pair of Shriekers. Once you clear the enemies head to an opening at the rear of the room, and through some laser traps. Go to the rear of this space to find the Drone on the right hand side.
  • Next you will come to a room with a few enemies, and a machine in which to deposit your Operator augment. Before you proceed to the boss fight in the next room, locate a terminal door on one of the walls. Complete the puzzle, shoot the Drone, and move on.
  • Now you will enter a boss fight room, but don’t start the fight right away. Head to your direct left as you enter to activate another terminal. Shoot the symbols and blow up the Drone before starting the fight.
  • After the boss encounter you will have a good old fashioned jail break. Once you reach the exterior of the station you will be exposed to open space. Proceed past all of the platforming puzzles until you reach the large interior section swarming with Hive. The first door on the left in this area will be guarded by lasers. Walk through to find the Drone on the left hand side.
  • After the section with the Suppressor augment you will reach the room directly before the boss (note the rally flag spot up ahead). There is a door with a terminal in this room. Shoot the symbols to gain access to the Drone.
  • The next Drone is actually found after you defeat the final boss. You will be directed to access a computer to finish the mission, but don’t do that yet. In the same room, on the right hand side, is another terminal door. You know the drill.
  • Adjacent to that door, on the opposite side of the room, is an opening guarded by a laser. Walk through, and find the final Drone at the end of a hallway to the right.

Congratulations! You’ve found all of the Security Drones. The next thing to do is restart Operation: Seraphs Shield, and earn the chance to activate the Good Boy Protocol.

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