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Marvel's Avengers fans sore about Thor skin without helmet

Hat's off to them.

Fans of Marvel's Avengers are complaining over the latest addition to the game's paid-for premium skin collection: a Marvel Cinematic Universe-inspired Thor without his helmet on.

The issue? Marvel's Avengers already has a Marvel Cinematic Universe-inspired Thor with a helmet on, while this is being sold separately and for a relatively substantial amount of money.

On his own, helmetless MCU Thor costs 1400 Credits (around $14), or comes at 500 Credits (around $5) if you already own the helmeted version (thanks, ComingSoon).

Mjölnir money, Mjölnir problems.Watch on YouTube

This isn't the first time developer Crystal Dynamics has sold an Avenger sans helmet for more money. Captain America also got the hatless treatment, to complaints from fans that the new variant should be free for those who paid up already.

Simply put, it's a Thor point.

Crystal Dynamics' live service game gained Bucky Barnes, AKA the Winter Soldier, at the end of November last year. Further "ongoing revisions and tuning" will follow, the developer said, though it is unclear at this point if any further characters will launch.