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Marvel's Avengers receives hulking discount ahead of delisting

But remains playable.

The Avengers grouped in costume
Image credit: Crystal Dynamics

Marvel's Avengers has been heavily discounted as support ends ahead of full delisting.

It's now available on Steam with a 90 percent discount for just £2.99. Similarly, on PSN and Xbox it's £4.49.

Back in January, Crystal Dynamics announced that support for the live-service game would end on 30th September this year and will no longer be available to purchase after this date. Its final update was at the end of March.

Marvel's Avengers Gameplay Trailer - Embrace Your PowersWatch on YouTube

Now, in a new blog post on Steam, the developer has further detailed what will still be available for players after this date.

"We wanted to reassure you that while the game will no longer be for sale, the game will remain playable for owners largely as it is today," reads the post.

It then specifies the following:

  • All currently available content will remain so for solo and multiplayer play
  • The game will remain in your library for download and reinstallation if owned
  • Limited-Time Events will continue in a two-week rotation, while recurring mission chains, events, and rewards will continue as they do already
  • Customer support will not continue after 30th September
  • All Operations and the War for Wakanda expansion will continue to be playable

Marvel's Avengers received fairly poor reviews and was criticised for its pricey monetisation of cosmetics.

Crystal Dynamics, now no longer owned by Square Enix, is working with Amazon Games on the next Tomb Raider game.

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