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More changes coming to Marvel's Avengers

Not currently "the most fun Super Hero team experience".

Further changes are coming to Marvel's Avengers, though Square Enix isn't ready to reveal a full roadmap.

In a new development update, the team lists some new features heading to the game and admits that systems built at launch "haven't grown and aren't sufficiently delivering the most fun Super Hero team experience".

Patch 2.3 is set for release in March and will bring a number of changes in advance of a full roadmap of content.

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Firstly, there's a rework of the War Table and the mission-select system based on Nick Fury returning to lead SHIELD. That means changes in how to find, select and launch missions "to improve the flow for new players to reduce frustration in the leveling process".

The change will also create "larger, more concentrated matchmaking pools for higher-level players".

Further balances to gear perks will be made and they'll be earnable through a wider set of play activities.

The Shipments feature added in patch 2.2 will be refined due to its impact on the Units economy, with Units added as additional rewards to a number of end-game activities.

In the last update, the team also experimented with allowing players to earn weekly rewards through Omega-Level Threat and the Raid per Hero rather than per account. This will be extended to Mega Hive missions.

Lastly, the next update will fix bugs and fine-tune systems.

"Stay tuned to our dev blogs and livestreams for more info about Patch 2.3 where we plan to go over the changes in detail as we get closer to release. We also can't wait to share more about our long-term plans and will do so as soon as our teams finalize development and launch schedules," reads the update.

"We've loved our adventures together, and we're excited to show and share with you the adventures we have planned for new ways to fight, new Heroes to fight with, new challenges to face and how we plan to continue expanding Marvel's Avengers."

Many players were disappointed with Marvel's Avengers at launch and later criticised the developers for selling progression boosts.