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Looks like Marvel's Avengers is adding beachwear skins

UPDATE: Thor you should know these are now confirmed.

UPDATE 29/7/22: Square Enix has now confirmed its summer set of swimwear costumes for Marvel's Avengers, after the skimpy outfits leaked online last week.

Black Widow's bikini set is up first, and available today, developer Crystal Dynamics said in a new blog post.

Footage of the trio in their new attire lies in the tweet below.

ORIGINAL STORY 20/7/22: Marvel's Avengers looks to be getting a selection of beachwear skins, because of course it is.

Summer designs for Thor, Black Widow and Tony Stark have been unearthed in a new datamine of the game, from reliable leaker Miller (thanks, MP1st).

Marvel's Avengers recently added Jane Foster's Mighty Thor as a playable hero.

Square Enix is yet to announce the skins officially - and of course, being in the game's files doesn't guarantee they will be released.

First off, Thor, who looks ready to party in a pair of very tight blue short shorts and matching blue shades.

Next up is Natasha, who - I mean, this was just an excuse to put Black Widow in tights and bikini, what else is there to say.

Finally, Tony, who looks ridiculous in a gold shiny shirt and shorts, like a cross between pyjamas and a lifeguard costume. Can he really still hover using those Iron Man flip-flops?

Of course, this isn't the first time Square Enix has gone horny on main for Marvel's Avengers in an attempt to add more interest.

This time last year, Captain America went topless because reasons. Just don't ask how that shield is still attached.

In case you missed it, Marvel's Avengers added Jane Foster's Mighty Thor as a playable hero last week via a free update. I guess the money for these things has to come from somewhere.

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