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Marvel's Avengers' next playable hero is Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor

Stop! Hammer time!

It's been nearly five months since the troubled Marvel's Avengers last received a new playable character - the PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man - but there's finally good news for those wondering when the drought might end: developer Crystal Dynamics has confirmed another superhero is on the way, this time in the form of Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor.

Details on Foster's video game iteration are limited at this early juncture in Crystal Dynamics' reveal, but the developer has confirmed the character will have "a lot in common" with the version of Thor already in-game. Don't expect a carbon copy, however; "elements that are distinctly Jane" are also promised for her eventual arrival.

Exactly when that might be, though, is unclear. Crystal Dynamic offered no timeline for the new playable character in its recent blog post, only confirming Foster will release as part of Marvel's Avengers' 2.5 update and that more details will be shared "in the future".

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That said, it seems reasonable to assume Crystal Dynamics will be aiming to release Foster this summer, given the character is set to feature prominently (as played by Natalie Portman) in Marvel's fourth Thor movie, Love and Thunder, which is expected to hit cinemas on July 8th.

Elsewhere in the world of Marvel's Avengers, Crystal Dynamics has outlined plans to make improvements to the beleagured superhero adventure's roster of in-game events.

"Events like Cosmic Threat, Tachyon Anomaly, and Corrupted Vibranium helped build a backbone to Marvel’s Avengers’ first year," Crystal Dynamics explained in its latest developer update, "allowing us to add variety to the Avengers Initiative and giving new and different goals to chase with your squadmates. As they’ve entered into a rotational calendar this year we want to make sure they stay fresh and compelling for replays."

Primarily, it appears these changes will be focused on "diversifying" the rewards earned from each event, rather than from improving the activities themselves, with future events due to reward gear from different sets. Additionally, players can expect Unit awards across a wider variety of events, high power level gear for completing meta objectives, and rewards that are eligible across a participant's entire roster, and not just a single hero.

Crystal Dynamics says these changes, due to arrive as part of Marvel's Avengers' 2.4 update in May, will offer a "meaningful change of pace for veteran players, and a great way to gear up for newer players."

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