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Marvel's Avengers' final content update out today, makes "nearly all" paid cosmetics free

Includes new outfit for legacy players.

The Avengers grouped in costume
Image credit: Crystal Dynamics

Crystal Dynamics has released its final content update for beleaguered live-service superhero action-adventure Marvel's Avengers, which, among other things, adds one last new skin for legacy players and makes "nearly all" its paid cosmetics free.

Crystal Dynamics confirmed reports it was about to pull the plug on Marvel's Avengers in January this year, saying March's 2.8 update would be the game's final content release, with support officially ending on 30th September.

As promised, Marvel's Avengers' 2.8 update is now officially here, and Crystal Dynamics has shared full patch notes detailing exactly what players can expect from this final release.

For starters, as of today, the game's paid Marketplace has been "unlocked", meaning "nearly all" outfits, emotes, takedowns, and nameplates are now automatically available on players' Hero Cards. Additionally, all Shipment system and Hero Challenge Cards have been removed, and all associated rewards are now included as part of the Marketplace unlock.

Iron Man's Variable Threat Response Battle Suit will be the game's final cosmetic addition.Watch on YouTube

However, all items previously earned via the campaign or that were purchased through the Cosmetic Vendor must still be unlocked in the same way.

And, with the Marketplace now officially obsolete, Crystal Dynamics will be converting players' remaining premium currency into in-game resources, as detailed more thoroughly in today's patch notes. Additionally, all Hero's Catalysts and Fragment Extractors have been removed in favour of a permanent 1.5x multiplier on Fragments earned and XP gained.

The rest of today's 2.8 update is primarily focused on bug fixes, but a couple of balance changes do sneak in relating to gear and rewards, specifically around things like gear upgrade costs and the number of upgrade modules rewarded when dismantling gear.

And finally, there's a little something for legacy players, with Crystal Dynamics giving away the new Iron Man Variable Threat Response Battle Suit outfit to everyone who earned at least one Trophy/Achievement before 1st April - meaning you've still got time to sneak that one in.

As previously detailed, Marvel's Avengers will still be playable both solo and in multiplayer once support officially ends on 30th September, although Crystal Dynamics says it "can't guarantee that we will be able to address issues that occur" after that date.

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