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Open world zombie MMO The Day Before gets gameplay trailer

Ahead of March release.

We haven't seen or heard much about Fntastic's upcoming zombie MMO The Day Before for a while now. However, with its release date tiptoeing ever closer (1st March on PC), the developer has debuted some new gameplay.

Shared as part of CES 2023, this trailer shows off the game with Nvidia's latest ray tracing tech in play. It's a bite-sized little teaser that begins with a few sweeping shots showing the destruction and destitution left in The Day Before's version of a post-pandemic America.

It then cuts to scenes of the player character shooting down their enemies, engaging in stealthy trips into darkened rooms and along questionable corridors, and, of course, a swarming zombie horde. You can see it for yourself below.

The Day Before 4K RTX ON Gameplay Reveal.Watch on YouTube

Developer Fntastic made headlines last year when, following The Day Before's delay, it came to light the company asked for volunteers to help work on its games.

At this time, it stated its culture is "based on the idea of volunteering" and, as such, "every Fntastic member is a volunteer" - paid or not. This wording raised some eyebrows, resulting in Fntastic defending its choice to use unpaid volunteers to develop its games. The company then went on to explain it had plans to hire some of its volunteers for full-time work.

"Here is a good example: Recently, one of our first volunteers from the Netherlands became a full-time internal volunteer (employee), and more will be recruited," the developer told Eurogamer in June.