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The Day Before delayed again, now launching in early access as "there may be unforeseen circumstances"

Fntastic say it's "won back" game's name following trademark dispute.

A screenshot showing The Day Before's character creator, with a male character with short hair and a jacket shown.
Image credit: Fntastic

Mysterious zombie MMO The Day Before will now launch on 7th December, developer Fntastic has said, and be released on Steam as an early access game initially priced $39.

The Day Before had been slated to arrive next week, on 10th November, following a rollercoaster ride to release in which Fntastic was forced to deny the game was simply a scam, and fight off a bizarre trademark dispute over the game's name - which was contested by a calendar app.

Now, a fresh statement by Fntastic released this evening states The Day Before will arrive later than planned (again) and under the banner of Early Access. "This is our first huge game, and there may be unforeseen consequences," Fntastic wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

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"The Steam page has already been restored by Valve and will be opened very soon," Fntastic continued. "Full version release will happen when we are certain this is the best version of the game possible, and we believe that player feedback and involvement will greatly contribute to achieving this goal. The next-gen console version will also come with the full release."

"No pre-order," Fntastic concluded, signing off.

The Day Before also previously raised eyebrows when its use of unpaid workers hit the headlines. In response, it said these "employee-volunteers" and "unpaid external volunteers" were engaging in "activities they genuinely enjoy".

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