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The Day Before developer addresses trademark dispute, promises Steam page will be reinstated "soon"

"We'll be back at the top of the wishlists."

Fntastic, the developer behind upcoming zombie MMO The Day Before, has addressed the rather unusual trademark dispute that led to the game being delayed.

As a quick reminder, The Day Before was originally meant to release on PC back in March. However, in a bizarre series of events, it transpired that Fntastic had failed to trademark the game's name, which had since been contested by the company behind a calendar app. All traces of the game were subsequently removed from Steam.

Talking to WellPlayed, Fntastic has now provided a small update on this trademark debacle, stating it believes "power is in the truth".

The Day Before trailer shows 10 minutes of gameplay.Watch on YouTube

The developer affirmed it was the first to start using the name The Day Before, calling this an "indisputable fact". It also said it was "optimistic" about regaining its name through legal proceedings.

"We want to reassure our community that our Steam page will be reinstated soon," Fntastic continued. "We'll be back at the top of the wishlists."

According to the developer, all of its current trademark-related matters are being managed by its newly-formed joint venture with publisher Mytona, known as MytonaFntastic.

In the meantime, it is keeping its primary focus on The Day Before's development, ahead of its PC release on 10th November (a beta is also in the pipeline).

"Following this release, we will be sharing a roadmap of forthcoming updates to keep our players engaged and excited. This roadmap will include new features and content additions, emphasising our commitment to continuous game development," the developer shared.

Some new screenshots from The Day Before.

Fntastic also addressed its use of unpaid volunteers, something that raised eyebrows when it came to light last year.

"While we have paid employee-volunteers, we also have unpaid external volunteers. External volunteers offer their time and skills voluntarily without remuneration, engaging in activities they genuinely enjoy," Fntastic stated. "We propose various tasks and invite interested volunteers to undertake them."

The developer shared that its volunteers are actively contributing to adding Easter eggs into The Day Before, and said "the range and volume of tasks will expand" closer to the game's release.

"Our innovative work culture, based on the philosophy of volunteerism, has proven attractive to people worldwide," Fntastic said. "Today we have more than 300 volunteers representing 30 nationalities, and our doors are always open to anyone who aligns with our culture."

Here's a new trailer for Fast and Furious, sorry, I mean The Day Before.Watch on YouTube

Earlier this year, Fntastic faced criticism for its lack of transparency, with many suggesting that The Day Before was all some kind of scam.

The developer went on to rebuff these claims, stating: "When the game comes out, people will finally see the truth."

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