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Google is hiding a fun and fungal The Last of Us surprise that really grows on you

For shroom the bell tolls.

If you haven't already had your fungal fill this week, why not head over to Google and type in a quick search for The Last of Us.

If you do, you will be presented with a rather unassuming little mushroom button (or should that be button mushroom?) at the bottom of your search page.

But while this button may seem unassuming at first - with its depiction looking more like something from a Mario game - if you push it your screen will soon be overcome by the cordyceps infection. And the more you push it, the more the infection will spread. Lovely!

A little teaser for HBO's third episode of The Last of Us.Watch on YouTube

You can still work around this fungal spread, and click into any relevant links you fancy checking out. When you do this, the shrooms will disappear from your screen, leaving you to read what you were looking for unencumbered.

You can see how it looks to have the cordyceps infection taking over a phone thanks to the screenshot I took below.

I know I need to charge my battery.

This year is set to be a bumper one for The Last of Us fans. Along with the newly released TV adaptation from HBO, we also have the first game's impending arrival on PC to look forward to,

Meanwhile, Naughty Dog has promised it will share more details on its "ambitious" Part 2 multiplayer release "later this year".

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