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Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event, Hardcore Royale and rewards explained

A new collection event equals a brand new set of rewards.

Apex Legends, official Respawn art for Celestial Sunrise
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection event has started and there's plenty off goodies for you to get your hands on over the next few weeks. The limited-time event helps you to end January with new Legend Skins, Weapon Skins, and other collectible cosmetics.

This event has also brought a brand new mode to Apex Legends, the Hardcore Royale that promises to challenge event the best of you. There's a lot to keep track of with this event, so we've listed all of the challenges and rewards, including the end date of the Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Event. We've even broken down the Hardcore Royale mode too.

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Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event items list

There are 24 Celestial Sunrise Event items for you to collect.

You can either be rewarded these items from a Celestial Sunrise pack, or you can choose to purchase them by using Apex Coins and Crafting Metals.

Apex Legends, Official Respawn image of Ash in their Opalescent Serpent Skin
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

The two reward tiers across the 24 different items are Legendary and Epic, we've noted down the costs for each tier below:

  • Epic - Any Epic rewards will cost 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals.
  • Legendary - Any Legendary rewards will cost 1,800 Coins or 2,400 Crafting Metals.

Legend Skins

Skin Name How It Looks Legend Tier
Operatic Aquamarine
Apex Legends Operatic Aquamarine Wattson Skin
Wattson Epic
Jade Fortress
Apex Legends Jade Fortress Newcastle Skin
Newcastle Epic
Opalescent Serpent
Apex Legends Opalescent Serpent Ash Skin
Ash Legendary
Lion Guard
Apex Legends Lion Guard Caustic Skin
Caustic Legendary
Lucky Rabbit
Apex Legends Lucky Rabbit Octane Skin
Octane Legendary
Dragon Warrior
Apex Legends Dragon Warrior Pathfinder Skin
Pathfinder Legendary

Weapon Skins

Skin Name How It Looks Weapon Tier
Serpent's Fang
Apex Legends Serpent's Fang Wingman Skin
Wingman Legendary
Dragon's Breath
Apex Legends Dragon's Breath Devotion Skin
Devotion Legendary
Paying It Forward
Apex Legends Paying it Forward Volt Skin
Volt Legendary
Ornate Dragon
Apex Legends Ornate Dragon Hemlok Skin
Hemlok Legendary

Emotes, Charms, and More

Reward Name Reward Type Legend/Weapon Tier
Lunar Celebration Banner Frame All Legends Epic
Year Of The Rabbit Banner Frame All Legends Epic
Quality Assurance Holo All Legends Epic
Special Delivery Holo All Legends Epic
Mirage Massage Emote Mirage Epic
Killer Joke Emote Revenant Epic
Last Laugh Emote Lifeline Epic
One Two Punch Emote Valkyrie Epic
Loch Ness Lion Weapon Charm All Weapons Epic
Savvy Navi Weapon Charm All Weapons Epic
Reluctant Celebration Emote Caustic Legendary
Blazing Blade Emote Ash Legendary
Sparks Of Joy Emote Pathfinder Legendary
Sparkling Spin Cycle Emote Octane Legendary

How to get the Jadeite Retribution Reactive Peacekeeper skin in the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event

To get the Jadeite Retribution skin in Apex Legends, you need to collect all 24 items from the Celestial Sunrise event that we've listed above.

Once you have collected every item on that list, you will automatically be rewarded with the Reactive Peacekeeper skin set which includes:

  • Jadeite Retribution - Legendary Reactive Peacekeeper Skin
  • Happy New Year - Legendary Holo
  • Crystal Sigil - Legendary Weapon Charm
Apex Legends Jadeite Retribution Peacekeeper Skin

What is a Reactive Peacekeeper skin you ask? It's a skin for the Peacekeeper weapon that alters in appearance depending on how well you are performing in your match. It evolves with you throughout the match, provided that you stay alive of course.

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Event Challenges, Points, and rewards

Throughout the Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection event, you can collect points for completing event-specific challenges each day. You can earn up to 1,600 points every day, so it's not impossible to get all of the rewards on the points tracker.

Apex Legends, official Repspawn image of Pathfinder in their Dragon Warrior skin
Credit: Respawn Entertainment - Pathfinder is ready for a fight! | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

How to find the Celestial Sunrise reward tracker

To find the points tracker for this event, you need to be on the main screen of Apex Legends. Then, head over to the right side of your screen where your daily and weekly challenge tracker is.

During the event, you will see an extra page here that contains all of the challenges for Celestial Sunrise for that day. You can see how many points you can earn from completing the challenges and how close you are to completing them.

Then, click on the banner at the top of this section that says 'Celestial Sunrise'. You can also click on the 'View Prize Tracker' banner at the bottom of this section.

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event points tracker

This will bring up your points and progress tracker for Celestial Sunrise. On here, you'll be able to see how many points you have, how close you are to your next reward, and what your next reward will be.

All of the Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event challenge rewards

Reward Reward Type Tier Point Requirement
Celestial Sunrise Banner Badge Epic 250
Bamboo Bunny Holo Epic 250
Kills as Octane Octane Stat Tracker Rare 500
Kills as Ash Ash Stat Tracker Rare 750
Apex Pack N/A Rare 1000
Wins as Octane Octane Stat Tracker Rare 1250
Lucky Ingots Weapon Charm Epic 1500
Damage Done as Octane Octane Stat Tracker Rare 2000
Wins as Ash Ash Stat Tracker Rare 2500
Year of the Rabbit Holo Epic 3000
Lucky Money Weapon Charm Epic 3500
Damage Done as Ash Ash Stat Tracker Rare 4000
Floral Fireshow R-99 Weapon Skin Epic 5000

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Event Shop

There's a special Celestial Sunrise shop throughout the event too. Here, you can grab limited-time bundles and items throughout the event. However, some items are only there for a very short period of time, so it's worth checking each day to see what you can get.

Apex Legends, official Respawn image of Octane in their Lucky Rabbit skin
Credit: Respawn Entertainment - Octane can be quick as a bunny in this Skin. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Here, we've listed everything that you can currently get from the event shop and when they're due to leave the store:

Item/Bundle Name Contents Price End Date
Lion Guard Bundle Lion Guard - Legendary Caustic Skin 7 Celestial Sunrise Collection Packs 5,000 Apex Coins (was 6,700) 07/02/23
Opalescent Serpent Bundle Opalescent Serpent - Legendary Ash Skin 3 Celestial Sunrise Collection Packs 2,500 Apex Coins (was 3,900) 07/02/23
Wise Warrior Bundle Wise Warrior - Legendary Bloodhound Skin Regal Spike - Legendary G7-Scout Skin 2,150 Apex Coins 03/02/23
Worlds Apart Bundle Worlds Apart - Legendary Lifeline Skin Emerald Abstraction - Legendary Havoc Skin 2,500 Apex Coins 03/02/23
Ring Leader Bonus Bundle Ring Leader - Legendary Gibraltar Skin, Burst of Courage - Legendary Prowler Skin, and x3 Rare Arenas Trackers for Gibraltar 2,500 Apex Coins 03/02/23
Target Practice Epic Bangalore Skydive Emote 1,000 Apex Coins 03/02/23
White Lightning Unlock Bundle White Lightning - Rare Octane Skin and Unlocks Octane 500 Apex Coins 03/02/23

Apex Legends Hardcore Royale Mode explained

Hardcore Royale is a brand new mode being brought to Apex Legends for the Celestial Sunrise event. It's very similar to a Trios Battle Royale match, only it has been made that much harder.

In Hardcore Royale, teamwork is paramount as you only have White Armor. There is no other armor for you to find, your armor cannot evolve or be swapped either. This is the basic armor tier and you can be taken down in a few precise shots if you're not careful.

Helmets have also been removed for this mode, so try not to get shot in the head. However, it makes taking your enemies down with a powerful sniper a much easier prospect.

Apex Legends, official respawn art depicting Hardcore Royale
Credit: Respawn Entertainment - Hardcore Royale is challenging, a great way to prove you're the best. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Also, your mini-map will look slightly different as it has been heavily scaled down. This means it's a good idea to keep your focus on your surroundings instead.

The Ring is always an ever-present risk in Apex Legends, but in Hardcore Royale mode it has been stepped up a notch. From the very beginning of your match, the Ring will be at maximum power. With only White Armor at your disposal, we highly recommend picking a route around the map that keeps you at a safe distance from it.

Apex Legends Hardcore Royale level restriction

Hardcore Royale mode is level-locked throughout the event, this means that you can only participate if you're level 20 or above.

The normal Trios Battle Royale will still be available, so you can try to level up to be able to enter the new mode or you can simply kick back in the regular chaos of Battle Royale.

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Event end time and date

The Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise event is due to end on Tuesday, 7th February.

If you want to know which Legend is the best choice for this season, take a look at our Apex Legends Tier List where we go into detail about who is the best choice and why. Also, if you want to have more control over who you play with, check out our guide on how to make a Private Match in Apex Legends.