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Five years later, Pokémon Go finally completes Gen 3 Pokédex

Now you see it.

After half a decade of wait, Pokémon Go has at last completed the game's Gen 3 Pokédex.

The hit mobile game finally launched the long-awaited Kecleon, its final creature to come from Ruby and Sapphire's Hoenn region, in a surprise move over the weekend. The game originally debuted its first Gen 3 creature all the way back in 2017.

Kecleon is a chameleon Pokémon which can turn itself near-invisible. Its long, unexplained absence from Pokémon Go had prompted memes from fans waiting to complete their Gen 3 'dex that Kecleon had always been in the game, just impossible to see. Well, see it you now can.

Cover image for YouTube videoSeason 9: Mythical Wishes is here!
Pokémon Go's Magical Wishes season has a Hoenn focus.

Rather than simply releasing Kecleon as a wild spawn, the tricksy chameleon comes with a fitting new mechanic in order to encounter it.

Kecleon will appear (rarely) hanging off the photo disc of a PokéStop location - which you'll then have to walk up to. A message will appear on-screen saying something is stopping you from spinning the PokéStop, and you'll need to tap the Kecleon multiple times to nudge it off. After that, the Kecleon will pop up on the map nearby for you to catch.

Kecleon in Pokémon Go.

The arrival of Kecleon has now been officially announced by developer Niantic, though came as a brilliant move for players at the conclusion of this weekend's monthly Community Day event. Its surprise appearance mirrors the unexpected arrival of other creatures in Pokémon Go following the conclusion of a Community Day, such as Meltan and the still-unobtainable Gimmighoul.

Kecleon arrives ahead of this season's big finale event which focuses on the chameleon's home region of Hoenn. An in-person event in Las Vegas will be followed by a global ticketed event where Kecleon will be available in its Shiny version - if you're lucky.