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You can now raid in Pokémon Go from your sofa


Remote raiding in Pokémon Go is now live, letting you take part in any raid you can see on your game map.

Simply click on a raid battle from the map or the Nearby screen and you'll be taken to the raid's lobby, where you can use a Remote Raid Pass to take part.

Up to 10 people can take part in a lobby via remote raiding at a time. A feature to invite others on your friends list to the lobby is also in development.

The feature has been developed in response to the ongoing lockdown measures in place worldwide, and lets fans once again organise raiding groups in their communities. (Also, for developer Niantic to resume selling raid passes.)

There's currently a one-time sale of three Remote Raid Passes for one PokéCoin, with further passes available at the discounted price of either 100 Coins for one or 250 Coins for a bundle of three.

The current, extended T5 raid boss Landorus will finally change today, with the next few weeks getting a rotation of weekly bosses, some of whom are being recapped for those who missed out on raiding as lockdowns began around Europe.

Darkrai will be available from tomorrow (today in the US) for a week, followed by the return of Altered Forme Giratina for a week, and then the newly Shiny-possible Virizion. That takes us through the next three weeks, until the end of Tuesday, 19th May.

"Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon Go," Niantic cautioned.

And in other Pokémon Go news, last night Niantic doubled the distance you're able to interact with PokéStops to match the already-extended gym radius, and implemented a new feature where your buddy Pokémon can gather PokéStop gifts to send to friends from further afield. Very handy.

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