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Resident Evil 3 Remake's most terrifying mod yet stars Animal Crossing's Isabelle

"Jill is a fan."

There's been some incredible (and terrifying) Resident Evil 3 mods - Wes did a fab round-up just a few days back - but here's some new nightmare fuel for you: protagonist Jill Valentine as Isabelle from Animal Crossing.

Yup, you read that right.

Created by "Crazy Potato" - because "Jill is a fan" apparently - the mod is ostensibly a mask, but given the way Isabelle's head sits firmly on Jill's shoulders, I'm not so sure. Here, have a look (thanks, Comic Book):

Did someone specifically ask for this? Who knows. Do we need it? Hell, no. But here it is anyway, creeping into your dreams and soaking up your sanity.

All we need now is a Zippy mod and I may never sleep ever again.

While feeling as though he's "coming down a little too hard on the Resident Evil 3 remake" in the Eurogamer review, Wes admitted his "expectations were set with the incredible Resident Evil 2 remake in mind", adding "Jill is a triumphant character, and there are moments of genuine brilliance here".

However, while "the hospital level, whose tone rekindles memories of Resident Evil 2's police department, is fantastically unnerving", "for every super cool area in the Resident Evil 3 remake, there are two areas that fail to inspire. Downtown Raccoon City is, unfortunately, not the expansive, multi-layered stalk-fest I'd hoped it would be," Wes added. "There are no alternate endings to chase, no story-altering choices to make, no new game plus mode. The source material is - and I think this is the perceived wisdom - simply not as good as the original Resident Evil 2. But I can't shake the feeling the Resident Evil 3 remake was rushed - as its original was. Now that's an unfortunate parallel."

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