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Nemesis in beach trunks is the true Resident Evil 3 remake horror

Oh my mod.

Modders are having fun with the Resident Evil 3 remake demo - especially with Nemesis.

The game's teethy terror usually wears clothes - but in a new mod, he wears nothing but beach trunks. Umbrella-themed beach trunks.

The Resident Evil 3 Remake Beachboy Nemesis Outfit PC Mod, created by a Patreon-funded modder called Marcos RC, does exactly what it says on the tin. I'll let the footage speak for itself:

Marcos RC has been busy. In another mod, they swapped out Nemesis' face with one based on its original design for the 1999 PSone classic. Nemesis' redesigned face, complete with extra long teeth, has been a point of discussion ever since Capcom revealed the remake. I think it's fair to say some aren't fond of it, so I suspect this face-swapping mod will be popular.

Other Marcos RC mods include Venom as Nemesis, Pennywise as Nemesis and... Ricardo Milos as Nemesis.

Elsewhere, modders have swapped out Jill Valentine for various pop culture creations (2B from Nier, Isabelle from Animal Crossing etc), and have, as you'd expect, tinkered with her face and outfit. The mod below, from DarknessRvaltier, makes Jill look more like her original version. Grab it from Nexus Mods.

Carlos Oliveira has also been targeted by modders. Here he is as the bad boxart Mega Man, courtesy of modder JTeghius Kittius (brilliantly, JTeghius Kittius reworked the static mesh of the bad boxart Mega Man statue found in the Resident Evil 3 remake demo toyshop into a costume for Carlos):

Of course there's a Thomas the Tank engine mod (thanks, ZombieAI).

Let's end on the best: every enemy in Resident Evil 3 remake is Nemesis. Enjoy!

Resident Evil 3 remake comes out 3rd April 2020. Expect many mods to follow.

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