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Looks like the first Apex Legends season 5 teaser is here

Singh me up.

It's about the time when we'd expect to see some teasers for Apex Legends season five, and after the explosive start to season four which saw one legend get killed before he'd even entered the arena, there are certainly high expectations for the new season's reveal. Well, the first hints are here - and they're certainly intriguing.

Players had been searching for a season five teaser after prolific Apex dataminer Shrugtal found a reference to it in recent update files, and one player eventually located a keycard in Dome on World's Edge. Activating the keycard brings up a series of lines which reference Singh Labs - the facility added to Kings Canyon in season two, and from which Wraith escaped as part of her Voidwalker backstory. The keycard also bears the logo of ARES Division, the armed research and development wing of the IMC from Titanfall, responsible for finding useful alien technologies from across the Frontier. Perhaps ARES is interested in recovering something from Singh Labs, although at this point everything remains rather mysterious.

I found an easter egg of ARES division from Titanfall in Dome. It seems to be related to the Singh Labs in Kings Canyon but i have no idea what it activates. from r/apexlegends

Something that does seem very likely for season five is the addition of Loba, who was shown as a young girl at the end of the season four trailer. Shrugtal has already found a model of her in-game, along with several weapon skins themed around the idea of wolves (Loba means wolf in Portuguese, if you were wondering).

As for the keycards, Shrugtal believes this is only the first phase of three - with the next card potentially appearing on 19th April. Perhaps collecting all three will reveal more information when combined, or possibly unlock a reward for the player. It's certainly one to keep an eye on.

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