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Borderlands 3 Joey Ultraviolet boss strategy

Time to take down a crime boss.

Joey Ultraviolet is the boss for the limited time event, Revenge of the Cartels, in Borderlands 3.

Joey can be found in Villa Ultraviolet, which is also the location for the cartel mansion puzzle.

Make sure you bring your best guns for this fight, because Joey has a number of cartel bosses ready to fight for him.

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Where to find Joey Ultraviolet in Borderlands 3

To find Joey Ultraviolet in Borderlands 3, you must first gain access to Villa Ultraviolet by defeating the cartel members guarding the building.

Once you've done that, you need to find the missing fountain piece, which is located in the same room as the cartel mansion puzzle.

With this fountain piece in hand, use it on the fountain to make it sink into the floor, revealing the passageway below.

Drop down into this passage and follow this corridor along, you'll quickly find yourself dropping down a second hole, with Joey Ultraviolet waiting to attack you.

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How to defeat Joey Ultraviolet in Borderlands 3

Before your battle with Joey Ultraviolet begins in Borderlands 3, there are two important things to note.

The first is that throughout the battle lasers will block-off areas of the arena and pools of corrosive lava will be revealed on the floor. You need to keep track of where these traps are so that you can avoid both taking damage and being trapped in part of the map.

Secondly, like any boss battle in Borderlands 3, you'll be attacked by a variety of enemies aside from Joey Ultraviolet. During this boss fight, this includes enemies like Meat Slicer, who have double health bars.

First stage

Your battle against Joey Ultraviolet begins with you destroying four Crypto Wolves, while Joey watches from on high.

Second stage

Once you've dispatched these wolves, one of the cartel bosses will join the battle. This could be anyone from Franco Firewall to FISH SLAP!!! Whoever you receive will have at one health bar and two shield bars.

After you deplete the first shield bar for this boss, they will join Joey on his ledge and a second cartel boss, such as Tyrone Smallums, will attack you.

Defeat the two cartel bosses.

Like with the first cartel boss, you need to deplete their first shield bar, which will cause them to join Joey and friend on that ledge they're so fond of.

Third stage

The third stage of this boss fight begins when Joey (finally!) and the two cartel bosses return to the battlefield.

During this stage, it's a good idea to keep a distance between you and Joey. This will not only prevent you from taking any unnecessary damage, but you won't accidentally waste any bullets shooting at Joey.

Joey is using the two cartel bosses to power his shield, so you need to kill both bosses first. This involves dealing with any special attacks these cartel bosses might have.

Tyrone Smallums, for example, has the ability to change size, regenerating his health when he does so, and creating clones to attack you with.

Once you've defeated these two cartel bosses, you'll finally be able to attack Joey directly.

Fourth stage

Joey will mostly attack you by shooting at you with a gun that deals radiation damage. He can also create waves of shock energy either by jumping and slamming into the ground or by generating them around his body.

Joey will also change in size throughout the battle, making him, at times, a harder target to hit. When Joey does begin to grow in size, this means that he's about to send out a wave of shock energy.

Joey attacks you using shock engery.

Try to keep your distance between you and Joey throughout the battle, as this will help you avoid his shock energy attacks and prevent him from pinning you in a corner.

It's also a good idea to use a variety of elemental and non-elemental weapons, because, while certain elements, such as corrosive, are very effective at the beginning of the battle, Joey will become resistant to them as the battle continues.

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Thankfully, once you defeat Joey, he will mostly likely drop some legendary level loot for you to enjoy!

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