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Mario Maker 2's final update lets you create your own world map

Koopalings! Frog Suit! Super Acorn! More!

Super Mario Maker 2's next update will add a World Maker mode so you can craft your own level maps.

You can create your own layout, add routes, Toad Houses, scenery and choose from various themes. When you're ready, you can then drop in courses you've made onto the route.

It arrives in a forthcoming free update on 22nd April, which will also be the game's last.

But there's plenty more in the update as well, including the Koopalings for use in new boss rooms, and even more power-ups from throughout Mario's platforming history.

The SMB2 Mushroom changes Mario's abilities to match those found in Super Mario Bros. 2 - where he's able to ride on top of enemies, pick them up and throw them.

Also added: the Frog Suit so you can run on water, the Super Acorn so you can glide through the air, the Power Balloon, the Boomerang Flower, the Cannon Box, Propeller Box, Red POW Box, plus the Goomba Mask and Bullet Bill Mask.

See them action in Nintendo's new update trailer:

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