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Mario Maker 2 Keymaster solution: How to find all key locations and get the true ending

How to do everything in the single player level The Keymaster.

Mario Maker 2's Keymaster stage is one of the more difficult early levels you'll come across as part of the game's single-player story.

Set within a Ghost House, it's no surprise The Keymaster is more puzzle-based than most of other stages, having you find a series of hidden keys in order to find the exit.

Not only that, but there are more keys than what you need - and finding them all allows you to find a 'True Ending' and some bonus rewards for your trouble.

If you're the sort who leaves no stone unturned, we recommend you go for it!

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What you need to know first about Mario Maker 2 stage The Keymaster solution

How The Keymaster works is in order to reach the exit, you must find four keys. These open a series of doors right by the ending gate, allowing you to leave. Any four keys will do - and finding more allows you to access a secret area.

It should be noted the pipe above in this first room spits out a Mushroom continuously. This is really useful to make you into a larger Mario and gives you extra defence when playing the rest of the level. Then, if you get hit and go small, it's worth taking the time to come back up, grab a mushroom and keep going. This is a long level, so playing it safe is advised!

To get started, head down the pipe to reach a long corridor. This is where you'll find the majority of the keys - in a series of rooms going from left to right - each with one key each inside.

In the middle of the corridor are three items to help you get them - a POW block, a P block, and a springboard. Between each room, you'll want to use a different one of these to help you find each key.

Mario Maker 2 Keymaster solution: Where to find all keys

Here's how to complete each room and get their spoils, going from left to right.

Rotating yellow block room (far left)

Grab the P block and use it in this room. This will turn all the blocks into keys apart from a select few. The one on the far right contains the key.

? Block room (second from left)

There are two sets of revolving Boos here. In the middle of each one is a ? block to hit - the upper right most one, however, is invisible. Take a springboard with you, aim for the middle of the Boos, and the key is yours.

Conveyer belt room (third from left)

No item required here - just a bit of dexterity. The key is at the very top conveyer belt, you just have to reach it. The middle one sees the ghost disappear at the same point each time - observe it to learn the pattern - so work around that and leap left. As soon as you do, full sprint right to counter the speed of this belt, and then do a full leap right to get the key.

(Assuming you have done the above three rooms, you have everything you need to complete the stage. However, there is more to be done if you want to carry on!)

Music note room (third from right)

Take a springboard with you and drop it on the left music note. Do the same with the springboard already in the room. These two will then bounce off the note at different heights, so leap on, get above both of them, and keep bouncing until you get up to the top platform, where the key is.

Pirahana Plant Room (second from right)

You need the POW block to clear out the Pirahana Plants on all of the platforms. The trick here is you have to throw the POW block when all the plants are on screen, otherwise they won't be removed from each platform.

Make sure you climb up to the right upper platform, then jump up and release, which should do the trick. Without it, you won't be able to reach the key safely.

Wind room (far right)

You need an item to bridge the gap so the gust mite can move across to the wall. Drop a springboard here - use down and then release to drop it at your feet - so it can go across. Now ride the gust up and get the key.

Where to find the final two keys

With the corridor done and the six keys collected, there are two others to find in other parts of the level.

One is located up the pipe where the mushrooms appear from in the opening room. Grab the springboard from the lower corridor to get up there.

Once inside, you'll need to grab the POW block that spawns out of the pipe and throw it up into the clown car on the platform.

Doing so will see it come to life and follow you. Climb inside and fly up to the key.

The final key is on the way to the exit and is almost impossible to miss...

How to finish the Mario Maker 2 Keymaster level

To reach the exit, when you first enter the level you'll notice a green pipe above, several yellow blocks and a key on the right.

When you go down the pipe, you'll find several items. The P block here allows you to break through these yellow blocks, get the final key and access the series of doors.

Each door requires a key, and you need a total of four to reach the exit.

However, you'll notice a pipe to the upper left you can also access. Head up here and use the remaining keys to reach the far side, rewarding you with some bonus coins.

There is, however, one last secret on this stage! There is a giant Coin just out of view in the upper right of this room (giving you 50 Coins!) which you can reach by carrying a trampoline all the way from the lower area through all the doors.

Be wary though - you need to place it right on the edge, which is easier said than done (we found you need to jump next to it and drop it at your feet), and then bounce up and not fall down the gap on the right - which will kill you!

Whatever you grab from this bonus room, head down the pipe, and the exit gate is before you. Nice work!

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