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Mario Maker 2 and Paper Mario: The Origami King are 35% off at the Nintendo eShop

A belated birthday gift.

Mario Day may have been and gone but the party hasn't stopped at the Nintendo eShop where two of the mascot's top Switch games are now reduced by 35 per cent.

Both Super Mario Maker 2 and Paper Mario: The Origami King are now £32.49. It's around the biggest discount we usually see for first-party Switch games on the eShop.

Super Mario Maker 2 is the DIY-platformer that allows you to create your own devilishly difficult stages for other players to complete, or test yourself against those made by others. There's also a pre-crafted campaign that's well worth a playthrough by itself

Meanwhile, The Origami King is the latest entry in Mario's cutesy and very silly RPG spin-off adventures, which Tom called “a heartfelt creation that doesn't quite stand up” in his review.

Now, if you'd prefer physical copies, Your next best option for both of these is to go to Currys PC World where you can use the code 'SWGAME10' to get 10 per cent off when you buy two Switch games. Add both to your basket and it'll total £31.95 each. Or, just a copy of Paper Mario: The Origami King is £30.95 from The Game Collection.

Those aren't the only two games on offer in the latest eShop sale. You'll also find reductions on nearly all entries in the Final Fantasy series as well as a selection of other Square Enix RPGs. Plus, there's the odd indie game on offer, including Late Shift, Dex and Bit Trip Runner. Anything there take your fancy?

If not, you can always check in here for the very best Nintendo Switch deals on bundles, games, accessories and more. Or give the Jelly Deals Twitter a follow for regular bargains throughout the week.

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