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Paper Mario 64 folded into Nintendo Online

A choice cut.

The game that started the Paper Mario series, Paper Mario 64, will be added to Nintendo Online.

It will be available for Nintendo Online Expansion Pack members from 10th December.

Paper Mario 64 is the first addition to the N64 line-up as Nintendo looks to improve the service, following its rocky release on 25th October.

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Data miners had already looked into new additions to the service, although Paper Mario 64 wasn't originally discovered. The likes of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Wave Race 64, Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros are expected soon.

Paper Mario 64 was originally released in 2000 as a spiritual successor to Square's Super Mario RPG, continuing the turn-based RPG combat but with a side-on perspective and paper theme.

The game was followed up by Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, generally considered to be the pinnacle of the series.

Paper Mario 64 is a welcome addition to the service and should hold up well today as a [paper]cut above the rest.