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Resident Evil 3 walkthrough: A guide to surviving Jill's campaign

Our walkthrough to surviving Jill's nightmarish escape from Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 3 is another remake of a Capcom's long-running survival horror series - and follows 2019's successful Resident Evil 2, with the same over-the-shoulder perspective and new surprises for long-time fans.

Similar to the 1999 original, expect the same locations as the original Resident Evil 3 but with a new twist - as well as an action focus and shorter runtime.

And though he has been dropped from the subtitle, iconic adversary Nemesis makes a comeback - so look forward to him stalking you throughout the campaign.

Our Resident Evil 3 walkthrough provides a guide on how to survive Jill's nightmarish glimpse into a zombie-filled Raccoon City.

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Resident Evil 3 walkthrough: A guide to Jill's campaign

The following walkthrough is a complete guide to exploring Resident Evil 3's locations, many puzzles and surviving its various adversaries.

Downtown and Subway area

Sewers and Police Station

Clock Tower and Hospital

Underground and NEST 2

Other Resident Evil 3 guides

Looking for more help, whether it's specific puzzle solutions off the beaten path, or how to find certain items? The following can help:

Optional puzzle solutions

Weapons and equipment explainers

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