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The brilliant Lonely Mountains: Downhill has a Nintendo Switch release date

Release cycle.

Open world bike racer Lonely Mountains: Downhill will swerve onto Nintendo Switch next month, on 7th May.

It'll cost £18/$20/€20.

One of our favourite games of last year, Lonely Mountains is the gentler, pastel-shade wearing cousin of Trials Evolution, prone to wandering off and smelling the flowers.

It's both a relaxing ride experience and a tough-as-nails downhill arcade race. And, right now, a welcome replacement for actually being outside.

"Lonely Mountains' tug-of-war between styles of play is enough in itself, the game a clever little buried lede of one kinetic, mechanical thing on the surface (timers, challenges, sprint buttons, checkpoints) and another, more contemplative, just beneath (crunching leaves, branching paths, hidden oases with fallen trunks to sit on and views to be quietly taken in)," Chris Tapsell wrote of Lonely Mountains, naming it one of Eurogamer's Games of 2019. "But there is so, so much more going on here."

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