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Oh no - Nintendo has nerfed money-making bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

That's creepy-crawly bugs by the way - not game glitches.

Nintendo has been tinkering with the spawn rates of a number of our favourite money-making bugs, including Emperor and Peacock butterflies, Atlas moths, scorpions, and tarantulas.

As detailed by data miner @_Ninji (thanks, Polygon) - who has been correct about changes in the past - Nintendo has reportedly unified the spawn rates of bugs and insects so that rather than popping up more often in certain months of the year, they'll now have the same spawn rate across every month they're scheduled to appear.

"Agrias butterfly used to be less common in April than in its other available months. Wharf roach had a higher rate in March," Ninji explained. "Peacock butterflies have been cut by 80-90%; emperors and atlas moths by 50%. Regular stinkbugs are up 100%, man-faced ones down 50%. Tiger beetles up by 33%, Scarab beetles down 40%.

"Scorpions and tarantulas have both been nerfed significantly as well."

To help exemplify the changes, here's a helpful table that details what's different.

In theory, this doesn't sound too troubling, but I'm personally already feeling the pinch. Typically, if I needed to make a little cash I'd dedicate an hour or two to standing around my blue windflowers, which habitually spawn a smorgasbord of pretty Peacock butterflies. Though I've had as many as five on the screen at once before now, in the last couple of days I've been lucky to catch just a handful. And now I know why.

So even if you accidentally happen upon a wild tarantula island now, expect it to take much, much longer to grind enough to fill every slot in your inventory.

Bad time for me to have missed Daisy and her turnips this morning, eh? :(

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