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Bethesda will skip holding digital event in June

"Given the many challenges we're facing due to the pandemic."

The usual announcements at this year's now-cancelled E3 will be replaced by various publisher digital events - but don't expect a showcase from Bethesda.

The Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher has today announced it will not host a June livestream due to the "many challenges" the company now faces amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Fans keen to hear more on the studio's upcoming projects - especially those slated to hit the next generation of consoles - will now need to wait a little longer.

This June, it will have been two years since Todd Howard announced The Elder Scrolls 6 on stage at E3 2018 via a CGI teaser.

That game, Howard said, would arrive after the first instalment in a major new Bethesda franchise, Starfield. The publisher has not announced new details on either since.

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