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Bethesda, Zenimax pledge $1m to pandemic relief

Split between Direct Relief, UNICEF and local charities.

Bethesda and its billionaire parent company Zenimax Media have pledged to donate $1m to frontline organisations in their fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

It's an eye-opening amount, and one which will be split between Direct Relief, UNICEF and relief efforts local to Bethesda's own studios worldwide.

The publisher will also fundraise further via Twitch with streams from Bethesda employees playing from home.

Bethesda is best known as the developer of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. Its parent company Zenimax - which, fun fact, has Donald Trump's brother on its board - also owns Doom and Quake studio id Software, Dishonored developer Arkane and Wolfenstein maker MachineGames.

Elsewhere across the games industry, Plague Inc. developer Ndemic Creations has donated $250k, Sony has set up a $100m fund, while Nintendo has donated 9500 face masks.

Last week, Games Done Quick pulled in $400k in public donations for Direct Relief.

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