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Someone's started an Animal Crossing weed removal service

And they're recruiting.

Spent too much time inside doing interior decorating? Haven't noticed your island becoming a bit overgrown? Thankfully there's a solution to this problem, as you can now hire someone to weed your New Horizons garden for you. I guess that's one way to spend all your money made from trading on the Stalk Market.

A few days ago, Animal Crossing player "tybat11" posted several adverts for his services on Reddit, offering to get the weeding done for a small tip. "Professional weeder for hire. Experience in weeding even the most overgrown towns," tybat11 wrote. "If you have a weed-filled town and need some clean up, I am your man."

A couple of days later, it seems the service is so popular it's now expanded into a company called WeedCo, which is currently taking on new recruits after they pass an orientation course. The latest video shows one of these new recruits learning the weed-removal ropes, such as checking behind cliffs and trees, and precision weed-picking in flower beds. The trainee eventually passed her exams and was rewarded with her own WeedCo uniform.

Along with the size of the company, it seems the services offered have also expanded, as tybat11 said flower watering is also offered "upon request". As for all the weeds that have been picked so far? They're in tybat11's storage, which must currently resemble some sort jungle. Or my university flatmate's room.

I started a Weed Removal service and demand was huge! I needed to hire a new employee. Here's some highlights from WeedCo's employee orientation. Plus we have uniforms! from r/AnimalCrossing

If some weeds need vanishing on your island, you can set up an appointment by messaging tybat11 and essjane on Reddit - and although they ask for nothing in return, it's always nice to leave a tip. Or, if you want to try your hand at weeding yourself, you can apply to join WeedCo by sending tybat11 a 30 second video clip (which can be "whatever shows off your weeding skills"). It certainly seems like a more honest way to make money than, er, villager trading.

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