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Pokémon Go Marill Day event date, time and rewards explained

It's Marill's time to shine in Pokémon Go!

Go Battle Day: Marill in Pokémon Go is a day celebrating both the aqua mouse Pokémon and the Go Battle League itself.

As part of the celebration for the launch of the Go Battle League leaderboard, Go Battle: Day Marill will give you a chance to prepare for the return of Great League battles with the reward of multiple Marills.

Azumarill, the evolved form of Marill, can be a powerful contender in the Great League if trained correctly.

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Go Battle Day: Marill date and times in Pokémon Go explained

Go Battle Day: Marill will run throughout the entirety of Sunday, April 12th in Pokémon Go.

This day includes a three-hour Community Day-like special event, which runs from 11am to 2pm local time. During this time period, there will be more rewards for you to partake in.

Go Battle Day: Marill is partly to celebrate the release of the Go Battle League leaderboard.

Go Battle Day: Marill rewards in Pokémon Go explained

Throughout Go Battle Day: Marill in Pokémon you'll be able to complete 20 sets of Go Battle League battles, rather than the usual five. This means that you can compete in a total of 100 battles on Go Battle Day: Marill.

During the special three hour long event period, Marill will appear more regularly as a reward for winning battles in the Go Battle League.

If you're on the Basic Reward track, then Marill is guaranteed to appear as a reward for your first and third wins.

If you've decided to use a Premium Battle Pass, then Marill will be your reward for every battle you win.

Catching any of the Marills you encounter will also result in you receiving double catch stardust, which will help you evolve any of the Marills you catch.

These Marill based rewards don't, however, affect any of the Pokémon encounters you receive from climbing the Go Battle League ranks, such as Libre Pikachu.

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Everything you need to know about Marill in Pokémon Go

Marill is a water and fairy-type Pokémon that evolves into Azumarill, which was introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver as a number of Gen 2. During this time it was a pure water-type Pokémon, with the fairy-type being added when Gen 6.

This was not, however, the first major change that Marill experienced, which was the introduction of Azurill, the baby Pokémon for Marill, in Gen 3.

The Marill evolution tree.

The reason why Marill was chosen for the first Go Battle Day is because Azumarill is a popular choice for battling in the Great League. With the ability to know powerful ice-type moves, like Ice Beam, Azumarill can easily help you score a victory during this league.