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It looks like dystopian sci-fi horror Observer could be getting a next-gen makeover

Observer System Redux revealed.

Bloober Team, the developer behind such psychedelic horror delights as Layers of Fear and last year's Blair Witch game, has resumed teasing of a new project related to its acclaimed sci-fi horror Observer, this time revealing a proper title and word that it's coming to "next-gen".

The original Observer released back in 2017, and saw Bloober melding its distinctive brand of surreal horror with a dystopian sci-fi detective yarn, set in a future version of Kraków, Poland.

It was part methodically paced investigation adventure, in which players - cast as Observer detective Daniel Lazarski (voiced by the late Rutger Hauer) - searched for their estranged son in a run-down apartment building, and part breathless plunge into dazzling nightmarescapes as Lazarski hopped into witnesses' brains for clues. Eurogamer liked it a lot!

Cover image for YouTube videoObserver System Redux Teaser

Bloober first dropped hints it was working on a new Observer project back in January, when it released a brief teaser video featuring the original game's familiar cyberpunk aesthetic, the logo of the nefarious corporation at the heart of its story, and a direct name check for "Daniel".

Those ties to the first game were pretty much all we got, however, with no suggestion of what, specifically, Bloober was teasing.

Now, though, a second teaser has surfaced, this time revealing the project to be called Observer System Redux, and confirming it for a "next-gen reveal". That name would certainly imply we're looking at some sort of fancied-up remaster/remake of the first game rather than a fully fledged sequel, but that's obviously only conjecture until Bloober makes its intentions official. As for when that might occur, the developer simply says, "Stay tuned".