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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's formidable new creature additions arrive next week

Launching simultaneously on PC and consoles.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's next big update, which introduces the previously announced Arch-tempered Namielle and Master Rank Kulve Taroth, will be heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC next Thursday, 23rd April.

As you might have already twigged, next week's Iceborne update marks the point at which Capcom's post-launch development efforts between consoles and PC will finally synchronise, meaning players on all platforms will henceforth receive the same content at the same time.

It's understandably somewhat limited in scope compared to previous updates, being sandwiched between the Iceborne debut of previously teased "fan favourite" monster Alatreon in May and the start of Iceborne's limited-time Full Bloom Fest earlier this month, but its reworked variants of existing monsters - the Master Rank Kulve Taroth and fearsome Arch-tempered Namielle - should keep hunters occupied for a while at least.

Those that successfully manage to defeat the new additions can, as outlined in Capcom's update trailer above, use the spoils of battle to craft the new Namielle γ+ and Kulve Taroth α+ armour sets. There are also new free pendants for those that like to festoon their weapons for maximum pizazz, alongside premium paid pendants and paid hairstyles, including the appropriately named Fluffy Mop and Half Ponytail.

All of this comes to Xbox One, PS4, and Steam as part of Monster Hunter: Iceborne's Title Update Ver. 13.5 on 23rd April, meaning there's a bit of overlap between its arrival and the ongoing Full Bloom Fest, which began last Friday and runs until 7th May.

The Full Bloom Fest's adorable Downy Crake hat.

The Full Bloom Fest, which can be accessed through the Seliana gathering hub, features new and returning quests, and provides the opportunity to craft a range of special event armour and weapons, including the floppy Whetfish Sabers, and a fluffy Downy Crake to stick on your head.

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