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Apex Legends' next LTE Battle Armor drops you into the action with armour and a P2020 already equipped

"Get in fights early!"

A new time-limited mode, Battle Armor, is coming to Apex Legends.

Running from the weekly reset on Tuesday, 28th April, until season 5's arrival on 12th May, Battle Armor will offer only one type of armo(u)r. Players will drop into the match with it already equipped, along with the super brilliant and not at all useless P2020.

While all armour will be removed from the loot pool, shield cells and batteries - "as well as all the other sweet, sweet loot" - will be available as normal.

"The Battle Armor Event is just one way we are going to start experimenting with the core gameplay of Apex Legends, and we're excited to introduce even more twists in Season 5 and beyond," said Jason McCord, Apex Legends' design director, in a blog update. "We're also extending Season 4 by one week, giving those who want to grind out their Battle Pass or try and hit that next level of Ranked a little more time to do so before Season 5 kicks off on May 12. "And if you want a pro-tip from me: get in fights early, or you'll be left limping into the final circle with Level 1 armor!"

There will also be double XP for Top 5 finishes across all modes from 9th - 12th May to help straddlers get over the battle pass finishing line.

As Emma reported a little while back, players had been searching for a season five teaser after prolific Apex dataminer Shrugtal found a reference to it in recent update files, and one player eventually located a keycard in Dome on World's Edge.

Activating the keycard brings up a series of lines which reference Singh Labs - the facility added to Kings Canyon in season two, and from which Wraith escaped as part of her Voidwalker backstory.

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