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Fortnite's latest live concert will be held over a series of dates

"To make sure everyone has a chance."

Fortnite's massive live events are typically well-choreographed affairs - if the game's servers let you get on and watch.

More than 10 million people tend to log in whenever Fortnite blows up a big location or broadcasts a bit of Star Wars - which inevitably leads to connection problems.

So for the game's latest spectacle, its second ever music concert, the show will be run multiple times for different regions. It's probably a good idea anyway, considering home internet use is up globally at present.

If you've been paying attention, posters advertising a show by rapper Travis Scott popped up in-game over the weekend (if you want to go look, I saw a bunch in Misty Meadows) and a stage has already started to take shape on an island near The Shark base. The tour, named Astronomical, is expected to take place there.

You'll get free loot for turning up to watch (two loading screens and a glider) and then more for completing a set of new in-game challenges, due to go live tomorrow, Tuesday 21st April.

The concerts themselves will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with the oppurtunity to watch an encore if you're living in Europe or the Americas. [UPDATE: Epic has clarified these times are not region-locked, simply recommendations on times suited to different areas.]

If you live here in the UK, you'll want to tune in on Friday at 5pm, or Saturday at 6pm.

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