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Animal Crossing Tuna: How to catch tuna and find the pier location in New Horizons

You're going to need a lot of fishing bait.

Catching tuna in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be a real fishing trail.

Tuna can only be caught during a six month period and, like blue marlins, they only appear in a very specific location - the pier.

This page contains everything you need to know about catching tuna in New Horizons, including the months you can find it swimming around your island.

On this page:

Where and when can I catch a Tuna in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Here's all the essential information you need to know about Tuna in New Horizons:

  • Tuna months - November to April
  • Tuna times - 24 hours
  • Tuna location - Pier
  • Tuna selling price - 7,000 Bells

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Where is the pier and how do you catch a Tuna there?

You can only catch tuna in New Horizons at the end of the small wooden pier that is located on one of the many beaches that line your island. Don't confuse this with the airport jetty - you can not find tuna by fishing there.

Make sure that you only fish for tuna at the very end of the pier, else you risk only catching fish that are caught from the shoreline. You're, however, going to catch a good amount of fish anyway, so either release them back to the sea or sell them.

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The other thing you should be aware of when hunting for tuna is that you're going to need a lot of fish bait and we mean a lot.

Fish bait is crafted from one manila clam and can only be used once. We recommend bringing roughly 30 bags of fish bait with you for each tuna hunting trip. This won't guarantee that you caught a tuna, but it will make it feel slightly less tedious.

Tuna will only visit your island between the months of November and April, but they are, thankfully, catchable 24 hours a day.

Like blue marlins, catching a tuna in New Horizons relies mostly on luck and a bit of resilience, especially when you find yourself digging up clams again. Eventually, however, you will catch a tuna, which you can donate to the Museum.