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Animal Crossing Flowers: Hybrids, crossbreeding and colour combinations in New Horizons explained

How to use cross-pollination to grow hybrid flowers explained.

Flowers are a great way to bring a splash of colour to your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

There are a variety of flower breeds and colours to choose them. If you're feeling creative, however, then you can create a variety of hybrid flowers through cross-pollination.

Just make sure you have your Watering Can handy!

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Flowers and Flower Breeds in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

Planting flowers in New Horizons allows you to add a nice flash of colour to your island when you first arrive. Later, when starting scaling cliffs thanks to the ladder, you'll discover that your island will have a specific type of wildflower growing on it.

This wildflower will be one of the eight flower breeds present in New Horizons, which are:

  • Cosmos
  • Hyacinths
  • Lilies
  • Mums
  • Pansies
  • Tulips
  • Roses
  • Windflowers

Growing flowers will help turn your island will increase your island's star level - just make sure you don't run through them or you'll destroy the petals.

Don't run through your flowers!

Where to find Flower seeds in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

When you first start playing New Horizons, you'll be able to buy flower seeds from Timmy in Residential Services.

Once you've opened Nook's Cranny, however, you'll be able to purchase flower seeds by interacting with the cabinet inside the shop.

Here you'll be able to find at least six different types of flowers everyday. These flowers will vary in both breed and colour, from red tulips to yellow pansies.

A single pack of flowers will set you back 240 bells, but, if you decide to buy a batch of five, it will cost you 1,200 Bells.

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How to grow Flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

After you've bought your flower seeds in New Horizons, it's time to plant them and start building your own little garden.

Planting flowers in New Horizons is simple - open your inventory, select the seed bag that you wish to plant and then select the option 'Plant.'

Just make sure you're standing on or near to the spot of land you wish to grow the flowers on.

Now you need to water your flowers until they bloom and to do this you need a Watering Can. With that in hand, make sure to water your flower, unless it's raining of course.

It will take roughly three to five for your flowers to grow.

Once your flowers have bloomed, you can either use them to attract a variety of bugs, sell the flowers, harvest them for use in DIY recipes or simply use them for decoration.

If you decide to pick the flowers, then the plant itself will still remain. If you water this plant, then, in a couple of days, the flowers will bloom again. The flower won't grow, however, if you don't water it.

Re-planting Flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

If you don't like where a flower has been placed in New Horizons, then all you have to do is grab your trusty Shovel and dig it up. You can move any flower at any point of its growth cycle.

You'll find the flower in your inventory once it's been dug up and, from there, you can either sell it, place it in storage or replant it somewhere else.

Unlike moving trees, you don't have to consume any fruit or a coconut to do this.

Crossbreeding Flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

If you want flowers that are a bit more exciting than those sold at Nook's Cranny in New Horizons, then experimenting with crossbreeding is the way to go.

Before you begin your experiments, you must first buy your parent flowers. These are the flowers you'll use to see your hybrid flowers and you'll need them to be the same breed as the flowers you desire to grow.

Take a look at the section below to see which colours are available through crossbreeding and which flower colours you need to help create them.

Crossbreeding works on a 5x5 grid, with each flower, or empty space for a flower, taking up one square on this grid


Allow your flowers to grow, making sure to water to them every day, and eventually hybrid flowers will seed in the empty spaces you've left. Once fully grown, you can dig them up with your Shovel and replant them elsewhere on your island.

In the above picture we're growing White Pansies with the aim of crossbreeding Blue Pansies.

Using this structure, you'll be able to grow any hybrid flower you desire.

It's a good idea to place your crossbreeding garden somewhere out of the way on your island. This will not only ensure you have enough room to grow your flowers, but will prevent you from accidentally running through or having to build a building on them.

Fences can also be used to section off flower patches, so that you can have multiple flower patches next to each other and prevent accidental crossbreeding.

Hybrid Flowers and colours list in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Hybrid flowers refers to the special flower colours in New Horizons that can only be found through cross-pollution.

Each flower breed has a number of hybrid flowers and, if you want to grow any of them, then you need to use the right combination of flower colours.

You may also find hybrid flowers on certain mystery islands, which are accessed by Nook Miles Tickets.

Below you'll find every hybrid flower you can grow in New Horizons, along with the flowers you need to cross-pollinate to create them:


Hybrid FlowerFlower Type OneFlower Type Two


Hybrid FlowerFlower Type OneFlower Type Two
BlueWhite White
OrangeRed Yellow
PinkRed White

Both Orange and Pink Hyacinths can also be bred by cross-pollinating them with themselves.


Hybrid FlowerFlower Type OneFlower Type Two


Hybrid FlowerFlower Type OneFlower Type Two
Pink RedWhite
Purple WhiteWhite

Both Pink and Purple Mums can also be bred by cross-pollinating them with themselves.


Hybrid FlowerFlower Type OneFlower Type Two
OrangeRed Yellow


Hybrid FlowerFlower Type OneFlower Type Two
PurpleBlack Black

Both Orange and Black Tulips can also be bred by cross-pollinating them with themselves.


Hybrid FlowerFlower Type OneFlower Type Two
OrangeRed Yellow
Pink RedWhite
Purple WhiteWhite

If you want to grow Blue Roses, then you must first grow Red* Roses by one of their three methods. These can be cross-pollinated to create Blue Roses.

If you water a Black Rose with a Golden Watering Can, then it will become a Gold Rose.


Hybrid FlowerFlower Type OneFlower Type Two

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Uses for Flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained

There are multiple uses for flowers in New Horizons; your avatar can wear them in their hair, you can give them to villagers, they can attract bugs and flowers can be used in DIY recipes.

This includes cushions and a variety of wreaths, such as the Cosmos Wreath, which you can use to decorate both the inside and outside of your house.

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