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Animal Crossing Sugar: How to grow sugarcane and find sugar in New Horizons

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Sugar is one of the many ingredients you can use during cooking in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Like flour, you have to make sugar using other ingredients - in this case sugarcane, which means you must grow some sugarcane first.

Below you'll learn where to get sugarcane, how to grow sugarcane and, finally, how to make sugar in New Horizons.

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Where to get sugarcane in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The easiest way to get sugarcane starts in New Horizons is to buy them from Leif when he's either visiting your island or from his stall on Harv's Island.

Remember - his Harv's Island stock changes every Monday, so, if he's not selling sugarcane, try visiting him in a week's time to see if he has it in stock.

A single sugarcane start will cost you 280 Bells, while bulk buying five sugarcane starts costs 1,400 Bells.

If you're lucky though, you may find sugarcane growing on one of the islands Kapp'n takes you too! On these special islands, the sugarcane will already be ready for harvest and you can either take the whole plant or just the crop back home.

You'll only be able to grow sugarcane if you've downloaded the free Ver.2.0 patch for New Horizons.

The Animal Crossing 2.0 update and Happy Home Paradise is here! We can help you with the new additions - including where to find Brewster, Gyroids, new villagers, ordinances, new fences, storage shed, new hairstyles, Froggy Chair, group stretching and Kapp'n boat tours. Cooking is now unlockable, so you need to know how to make both flour and sugar, as well as how to grow carrots, potatoes and tomatoes. Meanwhile, if you're new to Animal Crossing, our New Horizons tips can help with the basics. From the off, there's fish and bugs to catch, flowers and fruit to grow with. One long term goal is building your Happy Home Academy score. Finally, you need tools such as the new ladder and vaulting pole to fully explore.

How to grow sugarcanes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The first step in growing sugarcane in New Horizons is to decide where to grow it. Much like wheat and pumpkins, growing sugarcane will take up a small portion of your island, so you may have to move some objects.

Once you've found the perfect spot, open your inventory, select your sugarcane start, and choose 'Plant 1.' Doing so will plant the sugarcanes and, with that done, all you need to do is water them.

It takes four days for sugarcane to grow and, by watering it, you'll increase the amount of sugarcane you'll receive per plant. Sugarcane will grow automatically without being watered, but it will only wield a small harvest if you do this.

Fully grown, fully watered, sugarcane.

After harvesting sugarcane, it will only take two days to regrow and, like before, watering it will increase the amount of sugarcane you grow. You don't, however, have to water any of your crops when it rains or snows.

How to make sugar in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you want to make sugar for cooking in New Horizons, then you first grow and harvest sugarcane.

Afterwards, you'll be able to make five bags of sugar with five pieces of sugarcane using a stove. You can also use five pieces of sugar to create brown sugar, which is used in different cooking recipes.

With these new bags of sugar, you'll be able to complete a variety of different cooking recipes.

Hope you enjoy cooking with sugar in New Horizons!

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