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Microsoft to show Xbox Series X games via livestream next week

Fabled story.

Microsoft will show off the first Xbox Series X games in an Inside Xbox livestream next Thursday, 7th May at 4pm UK time.

There's no official word on what exactly we'll be seeing, but Eurogamer understands a number of third-party games will be showcased.

Obviously, fans are also looking forward to see more of flagship title Halo: Infinite, only teased until now, but also some of the many projects Microsoft's array of games studios have been quietly building and keeping under wraps.

We also understand this is the first of a couple of Xbox Series X broadcasts from Microsoft laying out more information and footage on its next-gen console, due to launch "Holiday 2020".

UPDATE: Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg has confirmed that next week will see Xbox's "partners" show next-gen games during the broadcast, and that internal studios have "big summer plans" - reinforcing the fact Microsoft has plenty of first-party projects under-wraps it will require an additional broadcast to showcase.

Join us next week, when we will be reporting live.